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The Drug Discovery Toxicology Specialty Section (DDTSS) provides a forum for discussion of emerging technologies, predictive toxicology, safety pharmacology, target validation, and safety assessment in a discovery research environment.

DDTSS is a specialty section created to fulfill the growing need for incorporating predictive and integrative toxicological approaches early in drug discovery and development. Early application of these approaches is the key to identifying potential liabilities and providing necessary perspective that helps reduce attrition of drug candidates at later stages of the process. The overarching goal is to provide an integrated understanding of a drug candidate’s liabilities prior to its advancement into non-clinical development and clinical evaluation. This specialty section seeks to foster discussion and provide guidance around appropriate application of technologies and approaches that may refine or compliment traditional animal-based toxicology models. It also aims to identify gaps in novel and emerging technologies that require further development and application. To find out more information about DDTSS please contact Marie Lemper.