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Nanotoxicology Specialty Section

About Us

The objectives of the Nanotoxicology Specialty Section are to:

  1. Serve as the focal point for interaction of members of the Society of Toxicology interested in "Nanotoxicology."
  2. Facilitate discussion of the appropriate design of toxicological studies for evaluating the toxicity of nanoscale materials.
  3. Facilitate discussion (e.g., through symposia) of the most appropriate dosimetrics for evaluating nanoscale materials in vitro and in vivo.
  4. Facilitate discussion of the most appropriate and validated screening tests for evaluating the toxicity of nanoscale materials and for extrapolating the findings from in vitro studies to in vivo exposures.
  5. Facilitate discussion regarding the data required for conducting risk assessments of nanoscale materials in the future, addressing the research required to fill data-gaps.
  6. Facilitate the generation of position papers and review articles by nanotoxicology experts regarding relevant subjects such as dosimetrics, metrology, in vitro toxicity, in vivo toxicity, and risk assessment.
  7. Conduct educational programs and activities that emphasize current developments and issues in nanotoxicology.
  8. Relate the developments in nanotoxicology to the activities of the Society of Toxicology and to the toxicology/environmental health sciences community-at-large, with the goal of stimulating interest and growth in nanotoxicology as it relates to the general science of toxicology.
  9. Provide a national/international resource on matters relating to nanotoxicology.