• Arab Toxicologists Association
    Special Interest Group

President’s Message

Dear ATA Members:

It is my great pleasure to serve as President of the Arab Toxicologists Association (ATA) for 2021-2022. ATA was established in 2019 after years of hard work and networking by professionals of Arab origin, with expertise in various areas of toxicology and working in Arab countries and all over the world. As you all know 2020 has shaped up to be a memorable year (to say the least), however ATA was busy and accomplished many activities.

ATA was planning an inaugural reception for SOT 2020 but unfortunately due to the cancelation of SOT’s annual meeting because of the COVID pandemic, the reception was cancelled. However, ATA organized a virtual reception in March 2021 at the annual SOT meeting. The reception was very successful and attended by approximately 200 attendees from different parts of the world. Members of the leadership team presented information about ATA, including membership, support and awards, awards were presented to the winners of the Best Publication, Graduate Student Best Abstract and Outstanding Professional Award. The awardees presented an excellent summary of their work, see slides and recordings of presentation on the ATA website

ATA published the first annual Newsletter and is preparing for the next one, please consider sending articles, or any other information you would like to see covered in the newsletter.

As s special interest group in the Society of Toxicology, we aim to work closer together to develop the next generation of toxicology leaders for the Arab regions. In the years ahead we plan to address current toxicological issues that affect Arab nations and increase awareness of the involvement of toxic substances in causing diseases. We encourage you to Join ATA if you are not a member yet and get involved in any of the several committees available (Award, Program, Newsletter) and many more. Explore our website for more information.

Hanan Ghantous, PhD, DABT,
ATA President 2021–2022