• Arab Toxicologists Association
    Special Interest Group

President’s Message

Dear ATA Members:

I am honored to serve as President of the Arab Toxicologists Association (ATA), a Special Interest Group of the Society of Toxicology. As our name indicates, we are all Arabs and toxicologists. We are defined as Arabs both by geography and history as well as our feeling of belonging to the Arab Nation. We are also defined as toxicologists through our interest, education, and research.

Personally, I have always been a toxicologist. All my career, I studied or worked in toxicology at The Alexandria University, Egypt; University of California, Berkeley; Texas A&M University; and finally Duke University Medical Center. Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to visit many Arab countries; I only have visited Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and recently Tunisia.

Our members’ mission includes:

  1. Aiming to be the best toxicologists with highest work ethics.
  2. Networking to help members in their career development.
  3. Assisting members to become certified both by the American Board of Toxicology and the Academy of Toxicological Sciences.
  4. Being aware of issues related to toxicology in the Arab world, including outreach education through organizing meetings with Arab toxicologists.

Our first meeting during the SOT Annual Meeting in Anaheim, California, in March 2020, will mark the first time for all our members to meet, including the Executive Board. It will be an excellent opportunity to discuss and approve our mission for throughout the year and coming annual meetings.

I hope that our activities continue year around, not only during the annual meetings. Also, our annual meetings should include both social and scientific programs. For our Special Interest Group to grow, we should approach chemical and pharmaceutical companies to host our meetings. I also propose to develop a program to encourage these companies to host a few of our members for internships and training in some areas of toxicology for a short period. This also might work with some established members of our group who might be able to host some of our members.

Mohamed Bahie Abou-Donia, PhD,
ATA President 2019–2020