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Dear ATA Members and all Toxicologists,

It takes courage and perseverance to accomplish a life goal. This needs a solid initiative, and that is why a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. A significant achievement is made through small achievements; therefore, the impossible becomes possible. The success of ATA started with a small group, less than 10, but eventually, our enthusiasm and passion guided us to face all obstacles and became more than 50 people within a short time.

This successful journey of ATA gave me the honor and privilege to serve as the 2022–2024 president of the Arab Toxicologists Association (ATA). I want to start with a warm welcome to ATA’s new officers and new members! Thank you for being part of ATA. This Special Interest Group serves whomever is interested in toxicology from any part of the world, particularly the Arab regions. ATA provides a platform for interactions among toxicologists from government, industry, and academia by organizing scientific seminars, workshops, and educational programs or events in toxicology.

On behalf of the 2022–2023 leadership team of the Arab Toxicologists Association, Maha Almazroua (Vice President), Amira K. Mohammed (Secretary), Hanan Ghantous (Past President), Hadil AlMuhisen (Councilor), Iyden Mohammed (Councilor), Osama Abdulla (Postdoctoral Representative), and Saeed Algahtani (Graduate Student Representative), Nabila Saber (Award Committee), Abeer Abdelwahab, Sahar Issa (Scientific Program), Esraah Alharris (Newsletter Committee), I would like to introduce you to ATA and provide some information about our activities. The ATA in the Society of Toxicology (SOT) is a key to exploring and developing standard connections with other members and maximizing the benefits of ATA membership. The ATA website guides learning about ATA and SOT news, seminars, educational courses, awards, governance, educational outreach, and more scientific events. Being a member of ATA, you will discover new opportunities for communication, collaboration, and connection with your fellow members. These opportunities become possible because ATA has members from global sectors such as the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), the US Food & Drug Administration (US FDA), companies, industries, and academia.

It is essential to recognize those who keep the ATA going. So, I genuinely appreciate and thank all members and volunteers for their continuous support, service, and dedication to the ATA since 2019, when this group was established. Also, ATA extends sincere thanks and appreciation to Dr. Burhan Ghanayem for being the first financial supporter for funding the outstanding graduate research award, which recognizes and celebrates successful graduate students. The currently elected leaders of ATA are here to serve the current and future ATA members and work for the benefit of this special interest group. There are vacant positions for whoever would like to participate as a new officer, which is announced yearly. Numerous ATA leaders serve in several committees, including newsletters, awards, scientific programs, postdoctoral and graduate student representatives, and other committees.


Saif Abdullah Alharthy, MSc, PhD, NEBOSH
ATA President 2022–2024

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