• Arab Toxicologists Association
    Special Interest Group

President’s Message

Dear new ATA officers, past officers, and members,

The most beautiful thing in life is when people put their hands together to build something. I appreciate all the hard work done by all our previous officers and all the support from our members which made us reach this point where we can connect and know our colleagues in the Arab countries and all around the world. Reaching the top is hard but staying at the top is harder, a wise saying I heard from my PhD advisor. Yes, we did reach the top, however, we need to stay at the top. Thus, your support, doesn’t matter how simple it is, is very essential. When we connect with each other, we can pass new opportunities to each other. For example, ATA through the SOT have a lot of opportunities to support our members. One of these opportunities came up last year to choose two candidates from developed countries to come to US to attend the SOT meeting and to visit their host for another 3 weeks. This is sponsored (paid) fully by the SOT. Also, the ATA needs to know where our talented people are to award them and to be proud about their achievements. You are the future of this association, please keep it at the top. I don’t like to be called president; I am one of you who is trying to put his hand in yours to guide all of us to the best of benefits to our great Arab toxicology scientists and to our countries.

Nabil Al-Humadi PhD., CBER/FDA,
ATA President