Welcome to the Carcinogenesis Specialty Section. Our section serves as an information resource for SOT scientists around the world and our interest and responsibilities include:

  • Highlighting and presenting topical carcinogenesis research
  • Providing and exchanging educational materials and resources to the scientific community
  • Advising and updating regulatory agencies, the media, and the public worldwide on the latest and most relevant information on carcinogenesis
  • Providing a medium for sharing information on methods and recent applicable publications in carcinogenesis research
  • Recognizing current and developing leaders in carcinogenesis research through awards and sponsored presentations

Our membership is multidisciplinary and drawn from academia, industry, and government. Our areas of expertise include biotechnology, environmental health, and pharmaceutical and food safety. We have a broad range of interests that include, but are not limited to, the understanding of genetic susceptibility to disease phenotypes at the molecular, cellular, whole organism, and population level as well as to understanding the molecular mechanisms that underlie functional changes due to toxicology and carcinogenesis.

We invite you to find out about the Specialty Section’s activities and interests by reading the announcements and the newsletters posted on this site. Please let us know your opinions and how we might best serve and better inform the public and toxicologists world-wide.