About The Computational Toxicology Specialty Section


To serve as the focal point for interaction of members of the Society of Toxicology interested in computational toxicology

To enhance the understanding and acceptance of computational toxicology within the Society of Toxicology and in the public domain

To foster the evolution of scientifically relevant approaches to and interpretation of toxicological aspects that are unique to computational toxicology

To develop, propose, and conduct a variety of cutting-edge programs and educational activities that emphasize the latest developments and issues in computational toxicology

To act as a resource to the Society in the area of computational toxicology

Organizing Committee

Lisa D. Beilke

Kevin M. Crofton

Samantha E. Gad-McDonald

Richard Judson

Adam Woolley

David Woolley


The Specialty Section bylaws were drafted in April 2017 and became official upon SOT Council approval in July 2017.