CTTSS is focused on:

Serving as the focal point for the interaction of SOT members interested in clinical and translational toxicology and to stimulate new interest among Society members in all aspects of human toxicology.

Increasing awareness among Society members of the impact of acute and chronic poisoning as seen in clinical practice; highlighting shortfalls in the available diagnostic and treatment methods, especially therapeutic interventions; identifying uncertainty in regards to the pathogenic processes in some intoxications; and stimulating research that will enhance the diagnosis and treatment of patients with acute or chronic poisoning. CTTSS as a section is ideally suited for the medical experts in SOT.

Acting as a resource for the Society in the area of human toxicology.

Developing, proposing, and sponsoring state-of-the-art Symposia, Workshops, and Continuing Education courses at the SOT Annual Meeting in order to emphasize the latest developments and issues in clinical and translational toxicology.

Research that bridges the gap between the laboratory and the clinic through human studies and advanced in vitro models.