After Submission—Continuing Education (CE)

Preparing the CE Course

CE courses offer a structured approach for gaining an understanding of a developing or established field. Because these are courses—and not other forms of Scientific Sessions—they are intended to present techniques, ideas, and concepts that are more established than those suitable for other sessions. Reflecting this perspective, CE courses are developed with a timeline quite different from other Scientific Sessions. Often the latter present the results of recently obtained cutting-edge research. CE courses, however, are developed months before the Annual Meeting, with presentations finalized in early January, obviating last-minute changes.

Presenters in a CE course can expect to be on an accelerated timeline with regards to presentation preparation and coordination with others in the course. In addition to preparation through the last half of 2019, presenters must submit their final presentations by January 6, 2020.

CE Course Liaisons

A member of the CE Committee is selected as the liaison for each course. The course liaison is the immediate link between the course Chair and SOT. While the course Chair organizes/finalizes instructors and the course content, the review and revision of the syllabus are a coordinated activity shared by the course Chair and the liaison. The liaison assists in the communication between SOT and the Chair to ensure logisitical support for the course by SOT staff before and during the presentation at the Annual Meeting. Course Chairs and CE course liaisons work closely together in order to present the best course possible at the Annual Meeting and to provide course materials to participants prior to the course.

Detailed instructions, timelines, and more information on finalizing CE courses will be added to this page as they become available. Contact Kevin Merritt with any questions.