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2023 Fall Regional Meeting


Bench To Bedside

A mentoring session will be hosted during lunch—Indicate your interest in participating in this session as either a mentor or mentee through the registration link below.

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SCCSOT Fall Meeting Flyer
SCCSOT Fall Meeting Program

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

8:00 AM–5:00 PM

Ionis Pharmaceuticals
2850 Gazelle Court
Carlsbad, CA 92010


Archive of Past Events

2023 Annual Chapter Reception at SOT Annual Meeting
Tuesday, March 21, 2023
Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint, Nashville, TN

2022 Southern California Chapter Fall Meeting • Emerging Topics in Systems Toxicology
Thursday, October 6, 2022
Green Acres Campus Pointe, San Diego, CA
SCCSOT Fall Meeting Agenda
SCCSOT Fall Meeting Program

Career Workshop for Everyone in the Multi-Disciplinary Field of Toxicology
Tuesday, November 6, 2021
Virtual Meeting

2019 Southern California Chapter Fall Meeting • Emerging Topics in Computational, Drug Discovery, Neuro- and Environmental Toxicology
Thursday, November 7, 2019
Green Acre Campus Pointe, San Diego, CA
Southern California SOT 2019 Meeting Program
Southern California SOT 2019 Meeting Presentations

Handling Hazardous Materials in Urban Settings: Keeping Our Communities Safe
Wednesday, April 3, 2019

2018 Southern California Regional Chapter Fall Meeting
Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Allergan Pharmaceuticals, Irvine, CA 

Green Toxicology
Tuesday, October 24, 2017
The Alexandria at Torrey Pines, San Diego, CA

Toxicological Paradigms in the 21st Century
Monday, October 26, 2016
Allergan Inc., Irvine, CA

The Human Microbiome in Health and Disease: A Toxicological Perspective
Monday, October 12, 2015
Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc., 2855 Gazelle Court, Carlsbad, CA

Joint SCCSOT/Mountain West Chapters Reception
Tuesday, March 24, 2015
Museum of Photographic Arts (MOPA), Balboa Park, San Diego, CA

Public Outreach Events: 2015 SCCSOT K–12 Education Outreach—(1) San Diego Science and Engineering Fair
Saturday, March 21, 2015
Petco Stadium, San Diego, California

Pick Your Poison: A Close Look at the Toxicants Surrounding Us
Saturday, March 21, 2015
Macy’s Mission Valley, San Diego, CA

Suds and Science Series: “The Truth about Food: How the Sustainer of Life Can also Be Poison”
Monday, March 23, 2015
Callahan’s Pub and Brewery, San Diego, CA

Translational Safety in Drug Development—Innovations and Challenges
Thursday, October 16, 2014
Pfizer Inc., San Diego, CA

Advancing the Science of Toxicology: Emerging Technologies in Drug Development
Thursday, October 17, 2013

Advancing the Science of Toxicology
Thursday, October 4, 2012
Allergan, Inc., Irvine, CA

Advancing the Science of Carcinogenic Risk Assessment
Friday, October 8, 2010
UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

Safety Biomarkers: Recent Progress and Current Initiatives
Thursday, October 1, 2009
Allergan, Inc., Irvine, CA

Cardiotoxicity: A Mounting Concern for Novel Therapeutics
Thursday, October 2, 2008
UCSD Faculty Club, San Diego, CA

Contribution of Physiological Differences to Different Toxicology Outcomes Across Species
Friday, October 26, 2007
Amgen Inc., Thousand Oaks, CA

Innovative Technologies in Toxicology: Markers and Models
Thursday, October 12, 2006
Allergan, Inc., Irvine, CA

Drug Discovery Toxicology and Biomarkers: Bridging the Gap Between Non-Clinical and Clinical Research
Thursday, October 13, 2005
Allergan, Inc., Irvine, CA

Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology: Pharmaceutical, Environmental, and Legal Considerations
Monday, September 30, 2004 & October 1, 2004
Hyatt Islandia Hotel, San Diego, CA

Joint Regional Chapter Reception (MW and SCC)
Monday, March 22, 2004
Renaissance Harborplace Hotel, Baltimore, MD

Current Concepts in Immunotoxicology
Friday, May 2, 2003
Allergan Inc., Irvine, CA

Children’s Health Issues
Thursday/Friday, September 26–27, 2002
Treasure Island Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

Drug Development of Biological Products
Friday, May 17, 2002
Amgen Inc., Thousand Oaks, CA

Applications of Panomics (Metabonomics, Genomics, Proteomics) to Toxicology
Tuesday, November 27, 2001
Hilton—La Jolla, CA

Current Concepts in Safety Pharmacology
Thursday, July 19, 2001
Allergan Pharmaceuticals, Irvine, CA

New Perspectives in Environmental Toxicology
November 11, 2000
Catamaran Resort, San Diego, CA

Combinatorial Chemistry and Technologies in Drug Discovery
June 6, 2000
Allergan Pharmaceuticals, Irvine, CA

Southern California Toxicology Research Exchange
November 18, 1999
GenProbe, San Diego, CA

Current Topics in Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology
June 3, 1999
Allergan Pharmaceuticals, Irvine, CA

In Vitro Approaches and Methods for Biological Testing
November 4, 1998
Isis Pharmaceuticals, Carlsbad, CA

Hot Issues in Risk Assessment
June 10, 1998
Irvine Marriott, Irvine, CA

Southern California Graduate Student Research Symposium
October 26, 1997
Newport Beach Marriott, Newport Beach, CA

Behavioral Pharmacology and Toxicology
February 18, 1997
Newport Beach Marriott, Newport Beach, CA

Amgen: A Look into Product Manufacturing. Environmental Health and Safety, and Toxicology
June 10, 1996
Amgen Inc., Thousand Oaks, CA

Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Applications in Toxicology
November 13, 1995
Newport Beach Marriott, Newport Beach, CA

Development and Application of Biomarkers of Human Exposure to Carcinogens and Mutagens
June 9, 1995
San Diego State University, San Diego, CA

Hormone-Mediated Toxicity
February 16, 1995
UCI, Irvine, CA

Toxicology of New Biotechnology-Based Pharmaceuticals
September 29, 1994
Allergan Pharmaceuticals, Irvine, CA

Principles and Applications of Confocal Microscopy
January 26, 1994
UCI, Irvine, CA

In Vitro Toxicology: New Frontiers
November, 1993
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA

Toxicology of Benzene
September 14, 1993
Long Beach El Torito Restaurant, Long Beach, CA

The Dioxin Problem: New Frontiers
March of 1992
UCI, Irvine, CA

EMF: A Cause for Concern!
December 1991
UNOCAL Center, Los Angeles, CA

Towards the Prevention of Cancer
September 1991
UNOCAL Center, Los Angeles

The Toxicology of Cocaine and Amphetamine
March 1991
UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

Some Aspects of the Design and interpretation of Rodent Carcinogenicity Studies
January 1991
Allergan Pharmaceuticals, Irvine, CA

Solvent Toxicity
October 1990
UCI, Irvine, CA

In Vitro Alternatives to Animal Procedures
September 1990
Allergan Pharmaceuticals, Irvine, CA

The Regulation of Air Toxics in the South Coast Basin
July 1990
ARCO, Los Angeles, CA

Third Annual Meeting and Poster Session
January 1990
UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

Second Annual Meeting and Poster Session
January 1989
ARCO, Los Angeles, CA

First Annual Meeting and Poster Session
April 23, 1988
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA