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Founded in 1988, the SOT Southern California Regional Chapter is comprised of members living and working in cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, Thousand Oaks, and Irvine, as well as other southern California locales.

Upcoming Event

Southern California Chapter of the Society of Toxicology 2019 Fall Meeting


Emerging Trends in Environmental, Computational and Drug Discovery Toxicology.

We have a nice variety of speakers lined up from industry, government, and academia, so this meeting should be interesting and relevant to anyone studying or working in the field of toxicology.

Meeting registration fees are: $80 (Non-Members), $60 (SCCSOT Members) and $20 (Students and Postdoctoral Fellows).

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November 7, 2019

8:00 AM PST

Green Acre Campus Pointe
10300 Campus Point Dr,
San Diego, CA 92121

President’s Message

Dear Current and Future Members,

I am honored to serve as President of the Southern California Chapter of the Society of Toxicology (SCCSOT). When I sought the role of President, I pledged to support communication objectives that foster sharing unique research opportunities between academia, biotech, and pharma. I am not alone in recognizing our past SCCSOT President (Niel Hoglen), the Executive Council, and Allergan for hosting a successful 2018 Annual SCCSOT Meeting with the theme “Application of Innovative 3D In Vitro Models for Toxicology.”

On June 28, the new SCCSOT Executive Council had its annual face-to-face meeting which served as an opportunity to forge new working relationships as well as to promise to try our best to live up to the standards our predecessors set. I have three interlocking goals for my two years as President:

  • Increase what SCCSOT provides to you, our members
  • Enhance “outreach and education in toxicology—from K–12 through late career”
  • Grow the membership

Therefore, the Regional Chapter’s web page (landing page, content, usability, etc.) was updated to better serve our membership and external partners. This effort was led by our SCCSOT Student Representative (Esther Omaiye).

We are also formalizing opportunities to support systematic exposure to toxicology and related careers, as well as tactical approaches to prepare for the ABT certification exam. The latter effort is being co-led by our Council Members (Keri Cannon, Neil Hoglen, and Tejas Lahoti), and more info about this activity will be shared in the coming weeks.

While we often think that there are no new ideas when it comes to setting the theme for the 2019 Annual SCCSOT Meeting, our new Vice President-Elect (Wenyue “Wendy” Hu) has provided evidence that there’s always opportunity for diversity of thought. Wendy has stepped into her new role with much vigor, as demonstrated by her recommendation of possible themes for this year’s annual event. Additional info (location, date, speakers, poster session) will be shared in the coming weeks.

Relative to growing our membership, one way to do that is to hold or to co-sponsor more regional meetings. I am committed to holding at least one non-annual meeting event and/or one networking event. The Annual SCCSOT Meeting is always a great event, but it happens only once a year. Therefore, the Executive Council is considering a few benchmark events: scientific workshops, webinars, and/or bowling/networking. These additional events should help bring new faces to SCCSOT and better serve the newer generation of budding toxicologists.

Friendly reminder: It won’t be long before we will welcome SOT members from around the globe to Anaheim on March 15–19, 2020, for what is guaranteed to be an outstanding SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo!

J. Eric McDuffie,
SCCSOT President 2019–2020