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Women in Toxicology (WIT)

Have you ever wondered what women have blazed the trail before you?

Have you ever wanted to speak with a mentor on gender-specific issues?

Do you have a desire to network with other women in the field of toxicology and science?

What are the Objectives of WIT?

  • To promote the recruitment and retention of women to a profession in the toxicological sciences.
  • To provide leadership for career development opportunities for women toxicologists.
  • To promote and recognize the accomplishments of women toxicologists.
  • To sponsor scientific and educational programs including symposia, poster and platform sessions, workshops, and continuing education courses, on current scientific information and scientific policy issues that advance the science of toxicology.

Key Issues & Goals

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WIT will serve as a resource for women within SOT to aid in career development opportunities. WIT members will serve as role models for women entering the field and will assist those women already established in the field to achieve their professional goals.
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WIT will actively work to increase the visibility of women within SOT and the scientific community. This will be achieved by encouraging and supporting the participation of women in all activities sponsored by SOT, as well as encouraging women to become members of the SOT.
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WIT will provide the opportunity for members to gain leadership experience within SOT by making it possible for women to participate at all levels. For example, this will include the encouragement of women to serve as SOT Council members, scientific sessions chairs, and participation in various other SOT activities. WIT will also support and encourage members to serve as leaders within their respective disciplines.

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WIT will actively work with the Education Committee to advance and promulgate education in toxicology, increase the visibility of women in toxicology, and encourage young women to consider a career in the toxicological sciences.