Current WIT members interested in volunteering for any WIT Committee should send send WIT an email with the Committee(s) of interest in the subject line.

The following committees are established in the Women in Toxicology Special Interest Group Bylaws. Descriptions are from the Bylaws. Not all committees are required to be in operation concurrently.

Program Committee

The Vice President shall be designated as chairperson of the Program Committee. The committee is comprised of at least two additional volunteers from the WIT Executive (EC) plus one or more volunteer from the WIT membership at large. The program committee will review and evaluate proposals seeking WIT endorsement for the annual national SOT meeting. The committee’s recommendations will be reviewed/approved by the full WIT EC, and the committee Chairperson will submit the final WIT recommendations to the SOT Scientific Program Committee per the procedures established by SOT. The Program Committee also has the opportunity to develop scientific and educational programs and proposals for the national SOT annual meeting. The Program Committee is most active from March to May. Please contact the Vice President.

Election Committee

The Election Committee shall be comprised of the Executive Committee. The Past President shall serve as the Chair of this committee. This Committee shall nominate at least two, but no more than three, persons for each elective office to be filled. SOT headquarters staff shall distribute the ballot to all eligible members of the SIG and shall count the votes. The candidate receiving the highest vote shall be elected to the contested position even when the vote does not reach a majority of those voting. Successful candidates shall be invited to the EC meeting held at the annual SOT conference and shall be introduced to the full membership at the membership reception and through the newsletter. A formal request for nominations is made in the late summer to early fall with the ballot targeted to be distributed to membership in December or January. WIT always welcomes recommendations for future officers. Please contact the Past President.

WIT Awards Committee

The WIT Awards Committee shall be appointed by the EC and may be comprised of WIT EC members and/or WIT members at large. The committee is chaired by the Sr. Councilor and co-chaired by the Jr. Councilor and shall have the charge of reviewing the applications for each of the WIT awards and providing recommendations of the awardees to the full EC for review and approval. The committee shall work with SOT headquarters to assure nominations are requested and any funds designated to support student travel are appropriately and efficiently handled. The WIT Awards Committee is most active from November through January. WIT is seeking volunteers from all SOT membership levels to participate on this committee. Please contact the Senior Councilor.

Awards Nomination Committee

The Awards Nomination Committee shall be formed annually shortly after the installation of the new WIT EC members and shall be chaired by the Vice President. Members of this committee may include WIT EC members and/or WIT members at large. This committee will select one or more of the National SOT awards and identify deserving female candidates for the awards. The committee will reach out to potential candidates to encourage and help facilitate their application for the award(s). The Awards Nomination Committee is typically active from June through October, with the majority of effort occurring in the August to October time frame. Please contact the Vice President.

Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee shall be established to permit dialogue among members of the Special Interest Group and shall be chaired by the President. The activities include outreach activities, such as local K–12 education events, mentoring program, and newsletter, etc. The Secretary/Treasurer shall be in charge of the newsletter, which shall be published at times most appropriate for the membership (at least twice per year). The newsletter is a collaborative effort amongst EC members and WIT members at large (particularly volunteer editors and contributors) that communicates information about events and topics of interest to the WIT membership. Articles focusing on the pillars of WIT (visibility, leadership, mentoring, and education) are especially relevant. If you have ideas for an article, would like to contribute an article, and/or serve as an editor, please contact the Secretary/Treasurer. K–12 education outreach activities should be communicated to this committee for inclusion in the newsletter. The Postdoctoral Representative serves as the WIT liaison to the SOT K–12 committee. Other activities/responsibilities of the Outreach Committee shall include maintenance of the Women in Toxicology Special Interest Group webpage on the SOT website. The Graduate Student Representative shall have primary responsibility for maintaining the WIT website in coordination with the SOT SIG Liaison. The President shall be responsible for communication with the membership and may inform the WIT membership periodically through various media including, but not limited to, email.

Best ToxSci Committee

Each year the SOT identifies the best manuscript published in Toxicological Sciences, the society’s journal. WIT is hoping to continue its successes with nominations by creating a new committee to identify and nominate candidate manuscripts with women as the senior (corresponding) author.

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