Message from the President

Dear SOT RASS Colleagues,

To any of you that I have not formally met yet, I wanted to introduce myself and welcome all to RASS. I also wanted to update the membership on RASS activities that are ongoing or planned for this year.  After two consecutive years of virtual meetings, the RASS EC is preparing for a long waited in person meeting in San Diego in March 2022. Over the last few months, the RASS Executive Committee (EC) and volunteers have brainstorming and discussing how we can provide all of you with opportunities to grow as scientists. Here are a few of the RASS activities that are ongoing and were designed to provide RASS members with opportunities for both personal and professional growth.

LinkedIn: RASS has a RASS LinkedIn account which serves as an additional means of communication to all of you. Please check out our LinkedIn page.

Mentoring and Training: Thanks to the efforts of many over the past two years, in particular Fabian Grimm, George Woodall, and Gary Minsavage, the first RASS Trainee event that was long in planning was held in June. The webinar was entitled “RASS Webinar: Syllabus—Introduction to Human Health Risk Assessment” and was targeted to trainees. As a result of its success, RASS has formed a permanent subcommittee (headed right now by Jessica Wignall and Li Yang) to develop at least two more trainee programs for the next year. Any suggestions for topics are welcome.

Webinar Collaborations: Annie Jarabek (RASS Webinar Coordinator) has pulled together another highly valuable RASS Webinar Series, with several cross-specialty section webinars.

Sharing Ideas: The SOT’s Specialty Section Collaboration and Communication Group (SS-CCG), a group that was formed in 2011 but has had limited visibility in terms of SOT member awareness, has performed a survey of SOT Specialty sections to develop a plan for ways to provide additional support and promote better interaction among Specialty Sections. Results of this survey will be available in the next few months.

The EC is interested to hear about how you might be able to help RASS initiatives. Please email us a note or send us a note on our LinkedIn page to let us know how you can help and/or what new ideas you might have for RASS activities. Also, be on the lookout for information about RASS Awards (deadlines in December 2021) and for information about the San Diego RASS mixer (planning is underway).

We look forward to hearing about any other ideas you may have!

Best regards,

Laura Plunkett, PhD, DABT
RASS President 2021–2022