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Stem Cells Specialty Section

The Stem Cells Specialty Section (SCSS) is a subgroup of the Society of Toxicology membership that provides a forum for SOT members interested in stem cells and stem cell toxicology. Section members will have expertise in all types of stem cell models including embryonic, fetal, progenitor, induced pluripotent, mesenchymal, and immortalized stem cell lines. It will be comprised of academic, government, industry, clinical, and preclinical researchers in order to relate the developments in stem cells research to the activities of SOT to stimulate interest and growth in stem cells as it relates to the general science of toxicology. At the SOT Annual Meetings, the Section will sponsor continuing education courses and symposia as well as awards for Students and Postdoctoral Fellows. Elected officials will consist of the President, Vice President, Vice President-Elect, three Councilors and the Secretary/Treasurer. There will also be Student and Postdoctoral Representatives.