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Biotechnology Specialty Section

Our mission is to create a forum via this specialty section for all SOT members interested in biotechnology. This includes those working in academia, government, regulatory organizations such as US FDA and US EPA, industrial areas such as agriculture, environmental health and sciences, chemical and products and biopharmaceuticals, and finally students and postdocs pursuing a specific area of biotechnology and aiming for a better understanding of biotechnology.

The objectives of this specialty section are:

  1. To serve as the focal point for interaction of members of the Society of Toxicology interested in biotechnology
  2. To foster the evolution of scientifically relevant approaches to and interpretation of toxicological aspects that are unique to biotechnology-derived products
  3. To develop, propose, and conduct a variety of cutting-edge programs and educational activities that emphasize the latest developments and issues in biotechnology
  4. To relate the developments in biotechnology to the activities of the SOT and to the toxicology/environmental health sciences community-at-large
  5. To facilitate education and discussion of, and the generation of position papers and review articles on, key issues in the rapidly evolving biotechnology landscape such as translational pharmacology and toxicology (in vitro to in vivo; animal to human), biomarkers, mechanisms of toxicity, and target validation, study design, and endpoint validation, manufacturing processes, and other quality attributes, safety strategies, and overall risk evaluation of these entities
  6. To act as a resource not only to the SOT but broadly at the national and international level in the area of biotechnology