Volunteer with RASS

There are numerous opportunities for RASS members to get involved with RASS-related activities, so please consider entering your name into the RASS Volunteer Pool. Fall and Winter are busy times, as the reviewing and judging of best papers, best abstracts, and student and postdoctoral award applications are in full force. Your help is greatly appreciated! Available opportunities include:

Benefits of serving as a RASS volunteer include the following:

  • Getting your name and your ability to help recognized. When you get involved, your willingness to serve and help RASS is recognized. This is especially important for graduate students and postdocs who are looking to get more involved with SOT.
  • Working with colleagues. In volunteering, you have the opportunity to work on committees with people that you might not otherwise have the opportunity to work with, in a fun and collegial way.
  • It is an awesome learning opportunity. When you review session proposals, award applications, and candidates for best abstract and best paper, you get to learn the criteria upon which proposals and applications are evaluated (which can help make yours stronger) AND learn about the latest developments in risk assessment. Helping out RASS and growing professionally – what more can one ask for?

If you would like to enter your name into the RASS Volunteer Pool, please reach out to Alea Goodmanson.

Thank you, RASS Volunteers! We couldn’t do it without you!