Psychedelics and Cannabis

The Psychedelics and Cannabis Working Group was formed in 2023 to explore health (therapeutic and toxicological), regulatory, and social issues related to the broadening decriminalization and clinical use of psychedelic compounds and cannabis, with an emphasis on advocating for scientific input on safety-related issues. Changes to the use and regulation of these compounds, some of which have medicinal histories, raise public and occupational health concerns. On March 12, 2024, we organized our inaugural Psychedelics and Cannabis Toxicologist Meet Up at the 63rd Society of Toxicology Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City, UT. Our Working Group is currently conducting surveys to gather expert opinions on the safety issues of psychedelics and cannabis. We have a broad reach audience as exemplified by a recent coverage by the Wall Street Journal.

Future seminars on psychedelics, cannabis, and toxicology include:

  • Environmental Mutagenesis and Genomics Society Session—Cannabis and Cannabinoids: Perspectives on Gene-Environment Interaction. September 9, 2024
  • American Academy of Clinical Toxicology Session—Psychedelics and Toxicology. September 19, 2024

The Psychedelics and Cannabis Toxicologist Listserv was created to continue to encourage engagement. SLC members are encouraged to join.