2001 Annual Meeting of the PANWAT Regional Chapter

Convergence of Neurobiology & Toxicology

October 26–27, 2001
Sleeping Lady
Leavenworth, WA 98826


Friday, October 26, 2001

Poster for 2001 Annual Meeting

Morning short Course—Toxicology and Drug Development

Organizers–Jeanine L. Bussiere, Ph.D. DABT, Immunex

—Russell Eyre, Ph.D., ICOS

7:30–8:15—Breakfast (those staying on Thursday), registration and coffee

8:30–9:15—Rafael Ponce, Ph.D., DABT—Contract lab perspective on toxicity studies

9:15–10:00—Jeanine L. Bussiere, Ph.D., DABT—Industry perspective on toxicity studies


10:15–11:00—Lynnda Reid, Ph.D.—FDA perspective of the regulatory review of toxicity studies

11:00–11:20—Panel discussion Q&A

11:30—WA State Senator Linda Evans Parlette from Wenatchee

Current Health Care Issues in Washington State

Start of PANWAT meeting

12:00–1:00— Lunch and Registration—Check (rooms not until 3:00pm)

1:15–1:30—Welcome and Introduction

Session I: Title Convergence of Immunology and Neurotoxicology

Session Chair: Paige Lawrence, Ph.D.—WSU

1:30–2:15—Title: Toxicological evaluation of StreptAvax, a multivalent group A streptococcal vaccine with emphasis on potential autoimmune responses associated with rheumatic disease

By: Mark Reddish, Ph.D., ID Vaccine Corporation

2:15–3:00—Title Autoimmune Mechanism of Inflammation in Uveitis and EAE

By: Grazyna Adamus, Ph.D., Neurological Sciences Institute, Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland, OR

3:00–3:30 Break—Check in

3:30–4:15—Title: Cytokines in sleep regulation

By: James M. Krueger, Ph.D.; College of Veterinary Medicine, Washington State University; Pullman, WA

4:15–5:00 —Title: Regulation of muscarinic acetylcholine receptor expression and function

By: Neil M. Nathanson, Ph.D., Dept. of Pharmacology, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

5:00–6:30 Poster Session

Wine & Cheese Social

6:30–7:00Dinner—Served—wine and beer in dinning hall to 9:00 or post meeting Grotto

Saturday, October 27, 2001

Session II: Student Presentations (Session Chair: Terry Kavanagh, Ph.D.—UofW)

8:00–9:00 –Breakfast

9:00–9:30 K–12 Education Opportunities—Dainne Botta—Center for Ecogenetics and Environmental Health (CEEH)

9:30–10:30 Student Presentations


Session III: —Title: Title: Methods in Pre–Clinical Neuroevaluaiton

(Session Chair: Jerry Miller, Ph.D., Director, CNS Biology, Skeletech, Inc.)

10:45–11:30—Title: Neuropathology for innocent, eager and doomed toxicologists

—By: JoAnn C.L. Schuh, DVM, Ph.D., DACVP, DABT

11:30–12:15—Title: Models of strock

—By: Jerry Miller, Ph.D.—SkeleTech, Inc.

12:15–1:00Lunch Served

1:30–2:00Business meeting (By–laws—Membership)

Session III (continued): —Title: Methods in Pre–Clinical Neuroevaluaiton

2:00–2:45—Title: Models of Parkinson Disease

—By: Michelle Brot, Ph.D.—SkeleTech, Inc.

2:45–3:30 —Title: Models of Alzheimer's Disease

—By: Joel Cummings—ProteoTech, Inc.

3:30–4:00Wrap up—and home or dinner