2007 Annual Meeting of the PANWAT Regional Chapter

Nanotechnology & Health

September 14–15, 2017
Seattle Genetics, Inc., Bothell, Washington

Infinitesimally small particles are poised to revolutionize science and technology. Join us to explore how nanotechnology may impact our health, our environment, and our understanding of incredibly tiny objects.

University of Washington
South Campus Center

PANWAT 2007 Speakers—Preliminary List

Honorable Brian Baird
Congressman | United States Congress
Nanotechnology and health


Matt O'Donell, PhD
Dean | College of Engineering — University of Washington
Engineered nanosystems and human health: potential & concerns

François Baneyx, PhD
Professor | Chemical Engineering — University of Washington
Incorporating toxicology into the design of nanomaterials

Barbara Beck, PhD DABT
Principal — Gradient Corporation
Risk Assessments of Nano Particles

Jefferson Foote, PhD
Chief Science Officer — Arrowsmith Technologies
A nanodevice that confines ligand to a body compartment, extends pharmacokinetic lifetime, and actively manages ligand bioavailability

Bruce Fowler, PhD, Fellow ATS
Assistant Director for Science, Division of Toxicology — ATSDR
Mechanisms of semiconductor nanoparticle toxicity: Lessons learned from micron-range III–V semiconductor particles

University of Washington
South Campus Center

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