2018 Annual Meeting of the PANWAT Regional Chapter

Neurotoxicity: Mechanisms and Methods of Investigation

October 14–15, 2018
Seattle Genetics, Inc., Bothell, Washington

Please join us for the communicating your science workshop/networking event on Sunday, Oct. 14th led by Jennifer Wroblewski from the Northwest Association for Biomedical Research titled "What to do about your 'What do you do?'."

Then partake in the scientific sessions on Monday, Oct. 15th. Invited speakers include:

Brad Bolon, DVM, PhD; GemPath, Inc.
The FACTs of Peripheral Neuropathy: Findings, Actions, Causes and Testing

Toby Cole, PhD; University of Washington
Neurotoxicity of Air Pollution

J. Lowry Curley, PhD; AxoSim
Cutting Edge Techniques for Neuropathy Testing

Craig Marcus, PhD; Oregon State University—2017 PANWAT Achievement Award Recipient

For more information, please see the PANWAT meeting flyer .



Student Travel Support:
Travel support will be provided by SOT and PANWAT to defray costs associated with distance travel (>200 miles, ~4 hr) and shared student lodging. These costs will be reimbursed for actual expenses, so please provide a list of expenses with receipts for reimbursement. Reimbursement includes costs associated with shared travel (mileage, gas, rental of shared vehicles) and shared lodging with other students. Additional information will be provided at the meeting.

PANWAT greatly appreciates the generous support of our meeting sponsors. The conference symposium will feature cutting edge research from regional toxicologists. This meeting is designed to meet the ongoing educational needs of regional toxicologists and students as well as to facilitate mentoring of emerging toxicologists. We expect participants from all regional universities that offer degrees in toxicology and health-sciences-related fields, as well as regional toxicologists from various industries (particularly pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries).

Are you interested in promoting your business while sponsoring PANWAT? Please contact nmoore@veritox.com or ccarosino@seagen.com.

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