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Component Group: Hispanic Organization of Toxicologists

Event: HOT SIG 2021 Mentoring Event
Date: April 26, 2021 at 12:30 pm ET

Description: This mentoring webinar will share personal and professional experiences of three pairs of Mentor/Mentee pairs. Junior toxicologist (mentees) will share the different steps in their young careers and how their relationship with their mentor (Senior toxicologist) has helped improve their professional and personal careers. Besides, mentees will have the opportunity to talk about their goals and expose the challenges and obstacles faced, and how the mentors will have the opportunity to share their experiences to help the mentees with a multi-disciplinary approach, from personal to professional.

During the webinar, the panelists (HOT Mentor/Mentee pairs) will be introduced and their current professional position will be briefly described. Later, they will be asked a series of questions that will ask them to describe different aspects of their relationship (i.e. how they met, their interactions, positive outcomes, difficulties, and what they got out of their relationship). This conversation will be casual while also remaining personal to fully describe the dynamic of the relationships. Additionally, the webinar will look at the pairs from different backgrounds such as government, industry, and academia. Subsequently, the attendees will be invited to submit questions (in chat or aloud) to the panelists throughout the webinar, which will be asked by the moderator for the last 20 min.

Attendees (mentees) are encouraged to come with questions, enthusiasm, and an open mind to learn and interact with panelist (senior and junior mentors/mentees) from the different fields of toxicology with diverse backgrounds. Questions/answers will be accepted in multiple languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.) with translations occurring in real-time.

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