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The Hispanic Organization of Toxicologists was founded in 2004 and became a Special Interest Group within the Society of Toxicology in 2006. It is an organization initiated by professionals of Hispanic origin with expertise in scientific areas associated with Toxicology. It serves as a focal point for interaction among Hispanic Toxicologists in the United States and the international Spanish and Portuguese-speaking scientific communities with emphasis in outreach to the Hispanic population. Its main goal is to provide a forum, for the awareness and dissemination of toxicological information and issues as they relate to the Hispanic community. It also provides specific and special support to the SOT on its outreach in global toxicology.

One of the Organization’s key objectives is to stimulate discussion, increase general awareness, and engage in the search of relevant toxicological information on issues related to the Hispanic community inside and outside the US. Other objectives are listed below:

  • Develop and conduct programs and educational activities relevant to the Hispanic community
  • Assist SOT council by providing ideas and mechanisms to enhance the development of Hispanic toxicology members
  • Enhance and advance the professional development of Hispanic toxicologists by several means, including:
    • Sharing of information about research funding sources
    • Provide opportunities and mentoring to trainees and junior scientists
    • Enhance collaboration among Hispanic toxicologists
  • Provide a forum at the SOT Annual Meeting for Hispanic minority researchers
  • Stimulate new growth in toxicological issues related to the Hispanic community inside and outside the United States as it relates to the science of toxicology
  • Act as a resource to the SOT in the area of toxicology

HOT is governed by a set of member and SOT-approved bylaws.