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Privacy Policy and Disclaimers

Approved by SOT Council May 23, 2002 (revised August 6, 2010)

Privacy Policy

The Society of Toxicology is committed to honoring the privacy of those who visit our website. The Privacy Policy governs how we collect, store, and use information about our visitors. It will be continuously reexamined in light of new technologies, new business practices, and the changing needs of our visitors.

What Information Is Being Collected?

For General Users

SOT does not collect any personal identifying information from users just browsing our website. Our server recognizes your domain name and the pages that you visit. These data are gathered in an aggregate manner for quality control, statistical purposes and improvement of our site. This information is never forwarded to any third parties.

For SOT Members, Meeting Registrants, and other Customers

Personal information collected from you is used to fulfill a service such as meeting registration or dues renewal. To gain access to the member-restricted information, members are asked to provide their email address and password. All data are submitted voluntarily. Information provided on our Membership Application(s) is used internally to determine eligibility of membership and will not be shared with a third party.

How Will Your Information Be Used?

SOT uses information collected on the website to enhance its products and services. Demographic information is specifically used for the purpose of monitoring or improving the use of and satisfaction with our website. SOT ensures the security and privacy of any personally identifiable information that we collect.

Disclosure to Third Parties

SOT makes member contact and demographic information available through the SOT website, the ToXchange member network and the Membership Directory online only to other members using the website. SOT also distributes contact and membership information to its members annually in the printed SOT Membership Directory. SOT uses your email address to respond to your request(s) and to relay membership communication such as Officer and Bylaws Ballots, the Communiqué, and important membership correspondence. Periodically, SOT may share personally identifiable information with organizations that we believe might have a product or service of interest to you. Limited data provided to third parties include name, affiliation and business address. Your email, telephone, and fax numbers will not be disclosed to third parties.

At any time you may view and/or update your registered information by accessing your Membership Profile or User Profile for Nonmembers. Alternatively, users may contact SOT at SOT Headquarters or call 703.438.3115.

Do We Employ Cookies?

SOT uses ‘Session Cookies’ that write a line of text temporarily to your computer’s RAM. Because a session cookie is never written to your hard drive, it is destroyed as soon as you close your browser. Cookies are generated by our website to provide you with a personalized and enhanced online experience. These cookies make your navigation through our sites easier by saving your passwords, preferences, and member profile information. Cookies also show how visitors use our site and enable us to make improvements based on actual visitor traffic patterns. The use of cookies in this manner is an association industry standard.


  • International Intellectual Property and Copyright laws protect all materials contained on the SOT website. ‘Material’ includes all text, graphics, icons, photographs, software, audio, and video. Permission is granted to download, copy, or print material for personal, instructional, or noncommercial use.
  • Information contained on our website does not necessarily represent the views or opinions of the Society of Toxicology. Information found on the SOT website should not be relied on as medical, legal, business, or tax advice.
  • The SOT website provides hyperlinks to external sites for the convenience of our visitors. Such a hyperlink doesn’t imply that the SOT endorses the content or operation of external sites. You are solely responsible for how you use any external site linked from this website.
  • We invite your participation in the SOT Student forum. Only postings related to toxicology and pertinent to students are permissible. SOT does not permit the posting of commercial content, advertisements, or SPAM. Any postings are statements made by the author and do not reflect official positions of SOT. Although SOT does not accept responsibility for any statements made here, the Student Advisory Committee and SOT do reserve the right to monitor and remove postings which are not in accordance with the guidelines above.
  • The laws of the State of Virginia and the United States of America apply, no matter where this website is viewed. Any suits filed against SOT must be filed in the state of Virginia.
  • This Privacy Policy may be revised from time to time, and you are urged to review it periodically. Use of this website constitutes agreement to the Policy that is posted at the time of use.

Organizations with Conflicting Missions

The very foundation of the Society is to create a safer, healthier world by advancing the science of toxicology. To this end, the Society reserves the right to not (1) accept financial support from, (2) provide, or (3) otherwise collaborate with any organization whose goals, objectives, or past actions are deemed counterproductive to those of the Society of Toxicology.

SOT Job Bank

Employers/Recruiter Disclaimer

SOT as the sponsor of this site extends no warranty or representation of any kind as to:

  1. Whether the placement of any offer of a position was authorized by the offeror (prospective employer);
  2. Whether the position remains open;
  3. Whether the description of the position is accurate and complete; and
  4. Whether the offeror subscribes to SOT’s policies and supports SOT’s objectives and mission (this is not a requirement for placement of position offers on this site).

Candidates Disclaimer

SOT in addition extends no warranty or representation as to the credentials or experience of responders (either as to whether the responder is a member of SOT and if so as to the responder’s standing within SOT or as to the responder’s curriculum vitae, experience or repute. This is an open website not restricted to members of SOT; SOT undertakes no screening role as to responses of which it is aware and in other cases may be entirely unaware that a response has been submitted.

Give Us Your Feedback

Our goal is to protect your privacy. To comment on or help us to improve this privacy policy, contact us by email at SOT Headquarters or use the Contact form on the website.

SOT reviews the character of supporters and approves receiving funding from supporters. SOT reserves the right to refuse acceptance of funds from any organization whose goals, objectives, or past actions are deemed counterproductive to those of the Society. SOT does not accept contributions from tobacco companies, nor does it permit tobacco companies to be SOT Affiliates.