President’s Message

BMSS John Wambaugh

Dear Biological Model Specialty Section (BMSS) members,

The BMSS is such an exciting, vibrant community. Every year, we see Annual Meeting presentations, research sessions, and continuing education courses contributed by our membership. When I attend the Annual Meeting, I feel that we all reap the benefit of your hard work throughout the year to bring mathematical modeling of biology to the Society of Toxicology as a whole.

If the “dose makes the poison” in toxicology, then the quantitative work allowed by biological modeling is key to so much beyond the mathematical models beloved by our members. Determining the specific, quantitative dose that corresponds to the onset of adversity allows toxicological insights to be incorporated into risk assessment, cost-benefit analysis, and many other key decision-making contexts. BMSS impacts research across the Society of Toxicology and, in turn, advances in toxicology impact BMSS.

The advent of convenient, relevant, machine learning has greatly enhanced mathematical modeling in recent years. You need look no further than the 2024 award winners to see many places that machine learning has driven advances. Similarly large, high throughput in vitro bioactivity datasets have pushed the need for in vitro-in vivo extrapolation and higher throughput modeling approaches. Finally, the frontiers of exposomics and non-targeted chemical analysis have allowed unprecedented questions to be asked, teasing apart the impact of real-world exposures on human health and the environment. The work of BMSS has been to answer these and other questions posed by Society of Toxicology researchers.

Over the next year, I would especially like to do what we can to increase membership. Membership dues are a key source of funding for the Annual Meeting reception and award prizes. If you have friends and colleagues who might be a good fit but have not yet joined, please encourage them to sign up whenever they renew their SOT membership.

Mathematical modelers of BMSS, in 2024 and beyond, I ask you to continue to be outstanding. Write more fantastic papers. Continue to organize intriguing workshops and symposia. Teach informative continuing education courses. Contribute abstracts for modeling presentations to the Annual Meeting. Above all else, continue to innovate and allow toxicology to be quantitative and informative.

I hope to see you at the 2025 Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL.

John Wambaugh
2024–2025 BMSS President