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  • AEgis Technologies—Makers of modeling software acslXtreme®
  • Leadscope—Leadscope develops and markets a chemofinformatics application that provides seamless access to research data. It incorporates chemically based data mining, visualization and advanced informatics techniques (prediction tools,scaffold generators, etc.). The platform, coupled with our content
  • Lhasa Limited—Lhasa Limited develops database system and computer programs that is used to predict toxicity and metabolic fate of chemicals and provide chemical toxicity information management tools.
  • PLETHUM—Population Lifecourse Exposure-To-Health-Effects Model (PLETHEM) is a modeling platformed developed by us with funding from the American Chemistry Council and under a Memorandum of Understanding with EPA-NCCT.
  • Simulations Plus—Simulations Plus, Inc. is the leading developer of Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion, and Toxicity (ADMET) and Physiologically-Based Pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modeling and simulation software for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology, industrial chemical, cosmetic, herbicide, and food ingredient industries today. Our software allows pharmaceutical scientists to predict certain key potential endpoints and dynamics, in silico, thereby reducing research & development costs and helping clients make better projects decisions… sooner.
  • US EPA—Free downloadable copy of EPI Suite v3.11 software for estimation of physical & chemical properties (e.g., Kow, Henry’s Law constant, etc.)
  • US EPA—Free downloadable copy of Benchmark Dose software (BMDS)
  • Berkeley Madonna—Software of modeling and analysis of dynamic systems. It is a general purpose differential equation solver that is relatively inexpensive and runs on both Windows and Mac OS. It is currently used by academic and commercial institutions for constructing mathematical models for research and teaching.
  • MathWorks—Makers of software MATLAB®