Welcome to FSSS


The Food Safety Specialty Section (FS3) is a specialty group within the Society of Toxicology; it was formed in March, 1993 to provide a forum for the interaction of toxicologists and other professionals involved in food safety. The purpose of this specialty section is to provide a vehicle where state-of-art research involving food safety and regulations can be communicated and to serve as a scientific resource for critical issues involving food safety.

Objectives and Purposes of Our Specialty Section

  1. Serve as a focal point for the interaction of toxicologists and other professionals interested in food safety.
  2. Promote the application of toxicologic principles and experimental methods to the evaluation of food safety.
  3. Conduct programs, including educational activities which emphasize current developments and issues in food safety.
  4. Stimulate interest in food safety as it relates to the science of toxicology.
  5. Serve as a resource for the public (consumers, educators, regulators, and lawmakers) to access scientific developments and information in the area of food safety.

Topics of Interest: In Addition to the Broad Area of Food Safety, Our Interests Include:

  • Food Additive Toxicology
  • Nutritional Toxicology
  • Nutrient-Nutrient Interactions
  • Macronutrients and Macronutrient Substitutes
  • Food substances That Mitigate Toxicity: Antitoxicants and Anticarcinogens
  • Toxicant Metabolism and Risk Assessment
  • Natural Products
  • Pesticides


Within the format of the Society of Toxicology national meeting, FSSS hosts symposia, workshops, continuing education courses, poster/discussion sessions, and roundtable discussions. The Food Safety Specialty Section holds its annual meeting during the national SOT meeting. We publish a newsletter twice a year.