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CTSS and CTPVSS Webinar—Advanced Tissue Imaging and AI Data Analysis: The Opportunities and Challenge for Application in Supporting Drug Discovery


Richard Goodwin, PhD, Head of Imaging & AI Imaging & Data Analytics, Clinical Pharmacology & Safety Sciences, AstraZeneca R&D

Matthew Jacobsen, PhD, DipACVP, Director of Pathology Regulatory Safety Centre of Excellence, Clinical Pharmacology & Safety Sciences, AstraZeneca R&D

Novel and integrated molecular imaging technologies are offering a new view on the molecular and cellular landscape across the tissue microenvironment. They are able to map in unprecedented detail the impact of new therapies and so provide new ways to study disease, the patient population and the efficacy and safety of drugs. This is empowering its scientists to see the complexity of a disease in unprecedented detail to enable effective development and selection of new medicines. Today cutting-edge imaging technologies are increasingly used to support studies in to the efficacy and safety of drugs through the R&D pipeline. This presentation will introduce the range of novel in vivo and ex vivo imaging technologies employed, describe the data challenges associated with scaling up the use of molecular imaging technologies and address the new data integration and mining challenges. Novel computational methods are required for large cohort imaging studies that involve tissue based multi-omics analysis that integrate spatial relationships in unprecedented detail.

In parallel to the development and deployment of novel molecular imaging technologies, a revolution in toxicological digital pathology is also occurring. We are moving to a digital future where our pathologists are assessing and reviewing safety studies digitally. This requires a significant change and acceptance by regulators. During this presentation we will also hear how we are transforming toxicologic pathology peer review with the first GLP validation of the digital pathology and how this is a critical step and delivering a digital future for drug discovery and development.


Webinar Recording

Richard Goodwin Presentation

Matthew JacobsenPresentation

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Wednesday, April 7, 2021