President’s Message

CTPVSS President Katharine Horzmann

Dear Members of the Comparative Toxicology, Pathology, and Veterinary Specialty Section of the Society of Toxicology,

I am honored to serve as the 2023—2024 President of the Comparative Toxicology, Pathology, and Veterinary Specialty Section (CTPVSS). I first want to thank our current and former officers, especially Gopinath Palanisamy, our Past President, for a very successful Specialty Section meeting and STP-cosponsored trainee networking event at the 2023 Society of Toxicology Annual Meeting in Nashville. I am deeply honored to serve alongside a group of dedicated individuals who share a common passion for advancing the fields of comparative toxicology, pathology, and veterinary toxicology: Sunish Mohanan as Vice President, Sonika Patial as Vice President-Elect, Debabrata Mahapatra as Secretary/Treasurer, Elizabeth Roberts and Govindarajan Thangavelu as Councilors, Catherine Wise as Postdoctoral Representative, and Catherine Rojas as Graduate Student Representative. Thank you for working with me this year.

I also want to thank all of our members for your interest and commitment to advancing our mission. Our Specialty Section plays a vital role in promoting the diverse application of in vivo animal models in toxicologic research, comparative and clinical toxicology, and experimental toxicologic pathology. We promote the exploration of the effects of animal disease, nutrition, and other physiological confounding factors that affect toxicologic endpoints. As the focal point for interaction of SOT members interested in veterinary toxicology and experimental pathology, we recognize the importance of collaboration and the synergy that arises from the exchange of ideas and the importance of educational programs that emphasize current advances, issues, and policies of interest to our members.

In the coming year, I encourage all of you to actively engage with our Section's initiatives, participate in our events, and share your insights and expertise. Together, we can advance our mission, contribute to scientific excellence, and make a lasting impact on the field of toxicology. Please reach out to me or any of the executive committee members with suggestions, questions, and ideas for the Specialty Section.

Thank you for your commitment and support.


Katharine Horzmann, DVM, PhD, MPH, Dipl. ACVP

President, Comparative Toxicology, Pathology, and Veterinary Specialty Section of the Society of Toxicology (2023—2024)