Mission & Annual Reports


CTPVSS will serve the interest of all members by:

Promoting the diverse application of in vivo animal models in toxicologic research, comparative and clinical toxicology, and experimental toxicologic pathology, and promoting the exploration of the effects of animal disease, nutrition, and other physiological confounding factors that affect toxicologic endpoints.

Serving as the focal point for interaction of SOT members interested in veterinary toxicology and experimental pathology and the use of in vivo animal models in toxicology.

Establishing scientific and educational programs that emphasize current advances, issues, and policies of interest to members and relating those developments to regulatory policy and risk assessment practices.

Acting as a resource for SOT in the area of veterinary and comparative toxicology, toxicologic exploratory pathology, and in vivo animal models.

Annual Reports

CTPVSS, as a Specialty Section became official on May 1, 2020, with the merger of the SOT Comparative and Veterinary Specialty Section and Toxicologic and Exploratory Pathology Specialty Section. To request copies of Annual Reports from the former Specialty Sections, please email SOT Headquarters.