Awards Committee:
The mission of the Immunotoxicology Specialty Section (ITSS) Awards Committee is to honor the scientific accomplishments of its members by conferring awards at each annual Society of Toxicology meeting. The Senior Councilor chairs the Awards Committee and works with Awards Committee members to review and score the: A) Best Paper of the Year Award, B) Best Presentation by a Postdoctoral Trainee Award, and C) Best Presentation by a Student Award. The senior Councilor coordinates with other members of the ImTox SS Executive Committee members who are tasked with reviewing and scoring the: A) Vos Lifetime Career Achievement Award in Immunotoxicology, B) Outstanding Young Immunotoxicologist Award, C) HESI immunotoxicology Young Investigator Travel Award, D) Mitzi and Prakash Nagarkatti Research Excellence in Immunotoxicology Travel Award and E) Outstanding Senior Immunotoxicologist Award.

Communications & Membership Committee:
The mission of the Immunotoxicology Specialty Section (ITSS) Communications & Membership Committee is to collect and disseminate information relevant to the needs of immunotoxicologists, to support and grow ITSS membership, and to assist the Council in outreach to the general toxicology community. This is accomplished via the publication of newsletters, outreach to members via email or written communication and timely updates to the ITSS website.

Education Committee:
The mission of the Immunotoxicology Specialty Section (ITSS) Education Committee is to promote and support education as it relates to immunotoxicology. Our aim is not only to promote didactic teaching of immunotoxicology at the undergraduate and graduate levels, but also to support the career development and training of undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral trainees who have an interest in the area of immunotoxicology. With respect to didactic teaching, we have developed a pool of lecturers who are available to provide unique immunotoxicology education to programs who request it. We are also available to support K-12 initiatives. The Education Committee is also dedicated to disseminating information related to webinars that may be of interest to the ITSS membership.

Program Committee:
The immunotoxicology Specialty Section (ITSS) is comprised of members representing scientists from university, nonprofit, governmental and private industry who conduct research, interpret immunotoxicology data in evaluating safety risks, and contribute to public health assessments and healthy policy discussions. The ITSS program committee endeavors to support individual contributors in developing and presenting sessions that highlight the exceptional research conducted in the discipline of immunotoxicology during the SOT annual meeting.