Award Recipients

2023 Immunotoxicology Specialty Section Award Recipients

VOS Award for Lifetime Career Achievement in Immunotoxicology

Gary Burleson, PhD, Burleson Research Technologies

Health and Environmental Sciences Institute (HESI) Immunotoxicology Young Investigator Travel Award

Hinaben Agraval, MS, PhD, National Jewish Health

Best Paper of the Year 2022
Toxicological Sciences. 2022 PMC9412175
“Parenchymal and Inflammatory Cell Responses to Single and Repeated Ozone Exposure in Healthy and Sufactant Protein-C Mutant Lung”
Authors: IJ. Nguyen, Deering-Rice, CE., Armstrong, BS., Massa, C., Reilly, CA., and Venosa, A.
Mitzi and Prakash Nagarkatti Research Excellence in Immunotoxicology Travel Award

Ishita Choudary, PhD, Louisiana State University
Hannah Hartzler, The Ohio State University
Emily Stevenson, Rutgers University

Best Presentation by a Postdoctoral Trainee Award
Cody Smith, PhD, University of Connecticut
“Ozone inhalation enhances the accumulation of regulatory lymphocytes in the lung”
Best Presentation by a Student Award
Ishita Choudhary, PhD, Louisiana State University

“IL4Ra signaling in myeloid cells cause pathological outcomes associated with asthma in mice”

Outstanding Young Immunotoxicologist Award
Thea Golden, PharmD, PhD, University of Pennsylvania
Outstanding Senior Immunotoxicologist Award
Victor J. Johnson, PhD, Burleson Research Technologies