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Benefits of Membership

Membership in RDTSS provides scientists interested in reproductive and developmental toxicology, endocrinology, children’s health, and other related areas with a focal group for interaction and exchange of ideas to advance the science in this area. The Specialty Section develops symposia, workshops, roundtables, and continuing education courses for the annual SOT meeting that address issues related to reproductive and developmental toxicology. You can participate in these activities by offering program ideas, helping to organize and/or speak in these programs, contacting speakers, etc. We need colleagues with new insight, energy, and enthusiasm to become involved, and especially invite students to join and participate.

The RDTSS has played a prominent role in the program of past SOT meetings. Program offerings have included symposia on Defining the Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Toxicant Action in the Testis, Gene-Environment Interactions In Utero: The Fetal Basis of Adult Disease, and Systems Biology: A New Venue for Exploring Mechanisms of Developmental Toxicity; workshops on Applications of Transgenic Models Towards Understanding Mechanisms of Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology, Is There A Reproductive Risk Associated with Exposure to Disinfection By-Products of Drinking Water?, and The National Children›s Study: Progress Developing Methods Appropriate for Assessing Children›s Exposure, Biomarkers, and Genetic Susceptibility; a roundtable on Contribution of Neurobehavioral Assessment of Offspring to Hazard Identification and Characterization; and continuing education courses on Alterations in Gene Expression as a Mechanism of Toxicant Action, and Understanding Lifespan Changes in Form and Function of the Female Reproductive System to Assess and Interpret Toxicity.

Membership Information

The RDTSS Executive Committee and members would like to encourage you to join this active multidisciplinary Specialty Section.

We need colleagues in various disciplines who are interested in reproductive and developmental toxicology, endocrinology, children’s health, and related areas. We are especially interested in new student members and the ideas and interest they can bring to this Specialty Section.

RDTSS offers an annual award for best paper in Toxicological Sciences. Student awards are also given each year for the best presentations at the annual SOT meeting.

How to Join

You may join the SOT and RDTSS by filling out the Online application. Membership in RDTSS is $20 for full and associate members or $15 for student or postdoctoral members, in addition to SOT membership. Please note: student and postdoctoral members may join one specialty section for no additional cost. If you are currently a member of SOT you may join RDTSS by using the SOT Online Membership Renewal Form.

Current members have a variety of backgrounds and work in all sectors of research, development, and risk assessment, including university, government, and industry settings. Research areas include whole animal, in vitro, and short-term assays, epidemiology, statistics, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics. Application of research to risk assessment and risk policy issues is also of interest to many members.