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11190 Sunrise Valley Dr., Suite 300, Reston, VA 20191

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We regret that SOT Headquarters is not staffed to provide responses to inquiries about specific medical conditions or treatments.

Whistleblower Policy

To anonymously report suspected criminal activity or illegal or unethical conduct by SOT staff or leadership, call the EthicsPoint toll-free fraud hotline at 833.595.5356.

You may also submit via the website or your mobile device using the links below.

While 833.595.5356 is a domestic toll-free number for the US and Canada, it can accept AT&T Direct Access calls, which will also be toll-free. Customers outside the US should use the following two-step dialing process to place a hotline call:

  • Access a line that can place international calls.
  • Find the AT&T Direct Access Code for the country in question
  • Place the call as follows:
  1. Dial the AT&T Direct Access Code
  2. Dial 833.595.5356

More specific contact information:

For general inquiries, telephone 703.438.3115 or email SOT Headquarters.

For membership assistance, telephone 703.438.3115, ext 1432 or email Rosibel Alvarenga.

For teacher and student inquiries, telephone 703.438.3115, ext 1430 or email Betty Eidemiller.

For press and media inquiries, telephone 703.438.3115, ext 1640 or email Michelle Werts.

For meeting registration assistance, telephone 703.438.3115, ext 1428 or email Jim Dailey.

To learn about ToxExpo, telephone 703.438.3115 or email SOT Exhibits Team.

To volunteer for SOT committees and activities, please complete the SOT Volunteer Form.