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President's Message

Dear NorCal SOT Members,

Greetings and thank you for being members of Northern California Regional Chapter of the Society of Toxicology (NorCal SOT). I am honored to serve as the Chapter President for the coming year (2022–2023) and am delighted to be working closely with my fellow board members.

The board welcomes Claire Neilan (Vice President-Elect), Anna Engstrom (Councilor), Dorothy You (Postdoctoral Representative), and Nicole McNabb (Graduate Student Representative) as newly elected board members joining the current board, Christopher Frantz (Past President), Ray Zhang (Vice President), Kyuri Kim (Secretary), Sucheta Mukherjee (Treasurer), and Hemant Chavan (Councilor). We thank the outgoing members, Andrea Kim (Past President, 2019–2022), Vanessa Clark (Councilor, 2020–2022), Paige Mundy (Postdoctoral Representative, 2021–2022), and Nicole Schrad (Graduate Student Representative, 2021–2022) for their contributions.

This spring, for the first time in two years, NorCal SOT hosted an in-person symposium (Theme: Rise to the Next Normal—Toxicology Hot Topics, Career Development, and Networking). I want to extend my gratitude to the attendees, speakers, and our sponsors for actively participating and bringing back lively scientific exchanges. I hope you left energized and felt reconnected with our regional toxicology communities. The fall symposium, mentoring program, and K–12 education outreach are all actively in planning. I am optimistic that our Chapter will “rise to the next normal” post-pandemic and am ready for an active and engaging year.

As we move into 2022–2023, I wish good health and happiness to you and your loved ones. The NorCal SOT Board is always looking for new ideas and feedback to ensure we deliver on our mission. I look forward to serving you and thank you in advance for your support!

Mingyi Trimble, ScD, DABT
President, NorCal SOT