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President's Message

Dear NorCal SOT Regional Chapter Members,

Thank you for being members of Northern California Regional Chapter of the Society of Toxicology, and a warm welcome to new members!

As we have worked through the challenges NorCal SOT has faced during the pandemic, I am optimistic about the coming year and truly looking forward to working with the board members in 2021-2022. Please join me in welcoming newly elected board members, Kyuri Kim (Secretary), Sucheta Mukherjee (Treasurer), Paige Mundy (Postdoctoral Representative), and Nicole Schrad (Student Representative). Continuing with the board, but in new roles are Ray Zhang (Vice President-Elect) and Hemant Chavan (Councilor). Andrea Kim and Mingyi Trimble will continue their leadership as Past President and Vice President, respectively, along with Vanessa Clark who is continuing as Councilor. We sincerely thank outgoing members, Dinah Misner (Past President), Donna Lee (Councilor), Alexandra Colón Rodriguez (Postdoctoral Representative), and Bianca Yaghoobi (Student Representative) as well as transitioning board members Ray Zhang (Treasurer) and Hemant Chavan (Secretary) for all their hard work, dedication, and leadership over the past years.

2021-2022 looks to be a hybrid year for meetings with our virtual spring webinar series, but we are planning for what we hope will be an in-person meeting in the fall. Vice President Mingyi Trimble along with Vice President-Elect Ray Zhang have put together an amazing series of webinars for the spring and are starting to plan for the fall. In addition, our Postdoctoral Representative Paige Mundy and Student Representative Nicole Schrad are looking into offering in-person and/or virtual networking, mentoring, and professional development sessions for postdocs and graduate students. Led by our Past Presidents, Andrea Kim, Doris Zane, and Toufan Parman, we will look to bring back K-12 education outreach events as schools go back in session.

The NorCal SOT Board is grateful for the support from all our sponsors. Their support helps with our outreach and scientific programs. We appreciate new sponsors, and please contact our Treasurer Sucheta Mukerjee if you are interested in becoming one.

The NorCal SOT Board is always looking for ways we can continue to grow and improve while staying connected as a regional chapter. Your ideas and feedback are welcome and appreciated, and please feel free to reach out to us with any comments you may have. As we move forward into 2021-2022, we are planning for what looks to be an exciting year for the NorCal SOT Regional Chapter, and we thank you for your continued support and participation!

Best Regards,
Christopher Frantz, PhD, DABT
President, Northern California SOT Regional Chapter