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Upcoming Events

NCAC Mixer at the SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Squatters Pub Brewery
Grain Room (2nd floor)
147 West Broadway (300 South), Salt Lake City, UT

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NCAC Mixer Flyer

Past Events

NCAC and NCSOT Joint Trainee Webinar.

Friday, December 1, 2023


Webinar Recording

Sarah-Marie Alam El Din

Paul Kruse and Caroline Ring

Kevin Schichlein1, Kaleb Lynum, Adam Speen, Greg Smith1, and Ilona Jaspers


NCAC-SOT and CFSAN Joint Fall 2023 Symposium: Applied Toxicology and Risk Assessment

Thursday, November 2, 2023


Webinar Recording

Student Mentors

Call for Abstracts

Abstract Guidelines

Program Booklet


National Capital Area Trainee Research

Thursday, January 19, 2023 | 1:00PM to 2:20PM (US EST, UTC -5)

The SOT National Capital Area Regional Chapter is pleased to present an opportunity for trainees and young investigators to present their research on a national platform in the greater toxicology community.


  • "Exposure to Inorganic Arsenic During Pregnancy Alters Structure and Function of the Maternal Heart"
    Nicole Taube, PhD Candidate, Environmental Health and Engineering, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
  • "Formaldehyde Dehydrogenase-Derived Formate Contributes to Cardioprotection in the Female Heart"
    Haley Garbus, PhD Candidate, Department of Environmental Health and Engineering, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
  • "Dose Range Finding Toxicity Study of VK4-116 Following Once Daily Oral Administration for 14 days in Rat and Dog"
    Rahul Nandre, PhD, DABT, Toxicologist, Division of Pre-clinical Innovation National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, NIH

Webinar Recording 
Nicole Taube
Haley Garbus


NCAC-SOT Fall 2021 Symposium

Thursday, October 14, 2021 | 8:30 AM–1:00 PM via WebEx

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has presented many challenges globally, as offices and labs closed and/or adapted to new protocols and new ways of working have been adopted. The symposium will offer perspectives on coping with these challenges in the field of toxicology research. The meeting will also include a career panel discussion session.

Note: "Dose Range Finding Toxicity Study of VK4-116 Following Once Daily Oral Administration for 14 days in Rat and Dog" was not recorded."



NCAC-SOT Virtual Meeting during the SOT Annual Meeting & ToxExpo Virtual Event

Wednesday, March 24, 2021 | 5:00–6:30pm

We cordially invite NCAC-SOT members and fellow SOT Annual Meeting attendees to join us in this Virtual Get Together event. This networking and interaction session is planned to share the updates of NCAC-SOT, to introduce our new NCAC-SOT officers, to know about you and note your updates and remarks, and to provide a forum for information exchange for all participants. This meeting is open to all SOT Annual Meeting registrants. The meeting will be accessible through the SOT Annual Meeting platform.

Agenda of Virtual Get-Together Event


The National Capital Area Chapter Virtual Symposium: Toxicological and Safety Perspectives on Accelerated Medical and Consumer Products Development

Thursday, January 28, 2021 | 8:30–2:30pm


The recording and slides from the symposium will be posted here soon.

The National Capital Area Chapter 2020 Spring Virtual Symposium: Next Generation Tools, Technologies and Surrogate Endpoints in Toxicological Assessments

Thursday, June 25, 2020 | 8:30 AM–1:00 PM

Virtual Symposium Agenda

Margaret H. Whittaker | Slides

Dana M. Freeman | Slides

Gopala Krishna

Kan He | Slides

Prabhakar Bhoite | Slides

Wojciech Krzyzanski | Slides

Avik Pal | Slides


NCAC SOT 2019 Fall Symposium: Toxicology and Safety Considerations in the Development of Devices and Drugs

Thursday, October 24, 2019

NIH Campus, Bethesda, MD

Meeting Agenda

Alan Hood
Webinar Recording | Slides

Charles E. Ducker
Webinar Recording | Slides

Jennifer Ator
Webinar Recording | Slides

James M. Anderson
Webinar Recording | Slides

Paul C. Brown
Webinar Recording | Slides

Stan Parish
Webinar Recording | Slides

Jim Laurenson
Webinar Recording | Slides


NCAC-SOT and CSW Joint Spring 2019 Symposium: Intersection of Chemistry and Toxicology in the 21st Century

April 30, 2019
American Chemical Society (ACS) Headquarters, Washington, DC

Webinar Recording | Slides

David Constable
Webinar Recording | Slides

Jakub Kostal
Webinar Recording | Slides

Naomi Kruhlak
Webinar Recording | Slides

Morning Q&A Panel
Webinar Recording

Alexandra Maertens
Webinar Recording | Slides

Richard Becker
Webinar Recording | Slides

Stacy Glass
Webinar Recording | Slides

Afternoon Q&A Panel
Webinar Recording

NCAC-AGT-JHU Reception

March 12, 2019
Pratt Street Alehouse, 206 W. Pratt Street

The National Capital Area Chapter Fall 2018 Symposium: The Intersection of Predictive Toxicology Roadmaps - Tox21, FDA’s Predictive Tox Roadmap, and ToxCast

October 25, 2018
Lister Hill Visitor's Center, NIH Campus, Bethesda, MD
Emilia-Gertrude Costin
Peter Goering
Paul Brown
Norman Peterson

The National Capital Area Chapter Spring 2018 Symposium: Consumer Products – Motivating and Promoting Toxicity Reduction

May 24, 2018
The University Club, Washington, CD

Speaker Slide Presentations

Dr. Michael Babich, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commision
CPSC’s Role in Guarding Safety of Consumer Products

Dr. Jen Tanir, Toward Safer LLC and Dr. David Constable, American Chemical Society
IThe ACS Green Chemistry Institute: Proven Success Implementing Green Chemistry and Engineering Initiatives

Dr. Pamela Spencer, ANGUS
Industry Initiatives to Educate and Train Toxicologists in Green Chemistry

Mike Schade, Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families
IMind the Store Campaign: Achieving Toxics Reduction in Consumer Products Through Retailer Engagement

Terri Goldberg, Northeast Waste Management Officials’ Association
Interstate Chemicals Clearinghouse (IC2): Safer Chemical and Emerging Contaminants Initiatives

Dr. Brett Howard, American Chemistry Council (Demonstration of product selection computer program in development; no slides available)
Practical Chemical Alternatives Assessment – A Decision Science Approach

Boma Brown-West, Environmental Defense Fund (Slides unavailable)
EDF: Retailer Initiatives Designed to Promote Safer Chemical Selection

Dr. Meg Whittaker, ToxServices LLC
Transparency and Disclosure: Critical Inputs into Risk Assessments and Alternatives Assessment


National Capital Area Chapter SOT (NCAC-SOT) and North Carolina Chapter SOT (NCSOT): Joint Reception/Mixer

March 12, 2018
Pat O’Brien’s
121 AlamoPlaza, San Antonio, Texas 78205.


The National Capital Area Chapter Fall 2017 Symposium: TSCA: Best Practices in Toxicology, Risk, and Chemical Management Strategie

October 13, 2017
American Chemical Society (ACS) Headquarters
Symposium Program

Presentation Recordings and Slides:

Nancy Beck
Presentation Slides
Webinar Recording (Unavailable)

Richard Engler
Presentation Slides
Webinar Recording (Unavailable)

Jennifer Sass and Bob Sussman
Presentation Slides
Webinar Recording (Unavailable)

Morning Speaker Q&A Panel
Webinar Recording (Unavailable)

Kimberly White
Presentation slides
Webinar Recording (Unavailable)

Afternoon Speaker Q&A Panel
Webinar Recording (Unavailable)

The National Capital Area Chapter Spring 2017 Symposium: Safety Assessment of Over-the-Counter Botanicals and Nutraceuticals: Update and Challenges

April 19, 2017
Lister Hill Center Auditorium, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland
Symposium Program


Steven J. Casper, PhD
Botanical identity, uses, and safety translated to New Dietary Ingredient Notification (NDIN) information
Webinar Recording (Unavailable)

Jinhui Dou, PhD
Toxicology and Other Data to Support Clinical Development of Botanical Drugs
Webinar Recording

Hellen Oketch-Rabah, PhD
USP Botanical Quality Standards: Contributions in Quality Control and Safe Use of Botanicals
Webinar Recording

Jeffrey D. White, MD
Advising Cancer Patients Regarding Risks and Benefits of Botanicals and Nutraceuticals
Webinar Recording

James Harnly
Analytical Developments for Identification and Authentication of Botanicals
Webinar Recording

Barbara C. Sorkin, PhD and Adam J. Kuszak, PhD
National Institutes of Heatlh Support of Dietary Supplement Research
Webinar Recording

The National Capital Area Chapter of the Society of Toxicology (NCAC-SOT) and Johns Hopkins University Joint Mixer

March 14, 2017
Pratt Street Ale House, Baltimore, Maryland 21201

NCAC-SOT Spring Symposium

April 20, 2016—Georgetown University Conference Center
Symposium Agenda

The Keynote Presentation by Dr. Allyn Howlett was available as a webinar.

USA Science and Engineering Festival

NCAC will also host a booth at the USA Science and Engineering Festival, a huge event at the Walter Washington Convention Center in DC on April 16–17, 2016. This event advances STEM education and inspires the next generation of scientists and engineers. Exhibitors, performers, speakers, partners, sponsors and advisors are from major academic centers, leading research institutes, government agencies, cutting-edge high tech companies, museums, and community organizations.

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Family Science Day

The NCAC will be hosting a booth at the AAAS Family Science Day Saturday and Sunday February 13–14, 2016 at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, Washington, DC. The whole family and friends are welcome to this free event to explore interactive science exhibits, learn about cool science jobs, and have your questions answered by scientists!

SOT 55th Annual Meeting and ToxExpo, March 13–17 New Orleans, Louisiana

Regional Science Fairs March 11–19 different counties in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC

Regional Science Fairs
March 11–12—Montgomery County
March 12—Prince William County, Manassas
March 12–13—Fairfax County
March 17—Loudoun County
March 18–19—Prince Georges County
March 19–20—Baltimore (includes Baltimore City, and Baltimore, Carroll, Cecil, Harford and Howard Counties)
March 19—Washington, DC

NCAC-SOT Fall Webinar

“Looking Forward after 19 Years of the Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program”

September 18, 2015

Webinar Recording (Unavailable)

Speakers/Presentations: David J. Dix ; Patience Browne ; Caren Helbing ; Raphael Witorsch ; Rick Becker ; Thomas Hartung ; Warren Casey ;

SOT-NCAC and Mixtures Specialty Section Fall Symposium

“Evaluating Toxicological Mixtures Using Molecular Approaches”

November 20, 2014

Speakers/Presentations: Gladys Erives ; Cynthia Rider ; Margaret H. Whittaker

NCAC-SOT Fall Webinar

“A Walk Through the National Academies Review of US EPA’s IRIS Process: Implications for Hazard Assessment”

September 19, 2014

Webinar Recording (Unavailable)

Speakers/Presentations: Jonathan M. Samet ; Vincent Cogliano ; Kimberly Wise ; Tracey J. Woodruff ; Michael Dourson

NCAC-SOT Fall 2013 Symposium

“Toxicity Associated with Nanomaterials”

December 16, 2013

NIH-NLM Lister Hill Auditorium (Bethesda, Maryland)

Speaker Presentations & Meeting Agenda

Meeting Agenda

Weiss Presentation ; McNeill Presentation ; Sass Presentation ; Sass Supplement

Student/Postdoc Speaker Abstracts

2013 Spring Symposium

“Mechanisms of Cell Injury and Cell Death-Applications for Mode of Action Risk Assessment”

May 23, 2013

Keynote Speaker: Dean Jones, PhD, Emory University

Basic scientific interest in the field of mechanisms of cell injury / cell death involving processes such as apoptosis and cancer has grown greatly over the past 30 years. The roles of toxic chemicals in mediating these processes has also been increasingly appreciated and translation of this information for mode of action risk assessment approaches has grown rapidly. This meeting of the NCAC will focus on bringing together an international group of toxicologists with expertise in apoptosis, molecular biomarkers of adverse outcome pathways/systems biology and risk assessment to summarize the state of the science with regard to the increasingly inter-disciplinary field of mode of action (MOA) based chemical risk assessment. This meeting will hopefully provide a stimulating forum for advancing this very current area of scientific endeavor.


Pre-2013 Events

  • Spring 2013 “Mechanisms of Cell Injury and Cell Death-Applications for Mode of Action Risk Assessment”
  • Fall 2012 “NexGen Initiative for Risk Assessment”
  • Spring 2012 “Systems Toxicology”
  • Fall 2011 “Green Chemistry: The Role of Toxicology”
  • Spring 2011 “Current Trends in the Use of Non-Animal Data for Risk Assessment”
  • During the 50th Anniversary Annual Meeting held in Washington DC, SOT component groups displayed posters about their respective organizations. View the NCAC poster.
  • Fall 2010 “Food Safety—From Farm to Table”
  • Spring 2010 “Emerging Issues in Water Contamination” (includes speaker abstracts and slide presentations)
  • Winter 2009 “Civilian and Military Vaccine and Drug Safety Assessment: Perspectives on the Animal Rule” (includes speaker abstracts and slide presentations)
  • Fall 2008 “Animal vs. Human Models of Toxcity Testing” (includes speaker abstracts and slide presentations)
  • Fall 2007 “Biomarkers of Drug Safety: Discovery and Regulatory Aspects” (includes speaker abstracts and slide presentations)
  • Spring 2007 “The Role of Inflammation in Toxicity” (includes speaker abstracts and slide presentations)
  • Fall 2006 “Computational Toxicology”
  • Spring 2006 “Public Health Concerns in Disaster Preparedness” (includes speaker abstracts and slide presentations)
  • Fall 2005 “Biological, Toxicological, and Regulatory Assessment of Nano-Materials” (includes speaker abstracts)
  • Spring 2005 “Toxicology of Chemical Mixtures” (includes speaker abstracts and slide presentations)
  • Fall 2004 “Toxicology of Dietary Supplements” (includes speaker abstracts and slide presentations)
  • Spring 2004 “Novel Methods for Detecting Hepatotoxic Agents” (Includes speaker abstracts and slide presentations)
  • Fall 2003 “Animal Models for Safety and Efficacy Testing of Agents that Cannot be Tested in Humans”
  • Spring 2003 “Emerging Issues in Human and Veterinary Pharmaceutical Contamination of Water Supplies”
  • Fall 2002 “Potential Applications of Noninvasive Techniques to Toxicology”
  • Spring 2002 “The Dose Response—The Cornerstone of Toxicology and Challenges for Risk Assessment”
  • Fall 2001
  • Spring 2001
  • Fall 2000 “Computational Approaches for Predicting the Toxicity of Chemicals”
  • Spring 2000 “Translating Genomics and Proteomics for Toxicology and Risk Assessment”
  • Fall 1999 “Toxicology and Risk Communication”























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