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Welcome to the SOT In Vitro and Alternative Methods Specialty Section Website!

The In Vitro and Alternative Methods Specialty Section (IVAM) is a specialty group within the Society of Toxicology whose members have expertise in the application of in vitro techniques to problems of cellular toxicity, with a special emphasis on product safety evaluation.

The interests of IVAM include studies of the basic cellular processes involved in the induction of adverse outcomes of specific organs and the whole animal and the development of simple to complex cellular and subcellular systems to predict toxicity in vivo and for risk assessment purposes. Other significant topics of interest include in vitro test validation and all aspects of test development and acceptance for individual or regulatory purposes.

IVAM holds regular meetings at the Annual SOT meetings to discuss topics of interest to the membership. In addition, IVAM sponsors three student awards for poster on subjects related to in vitro toxicology, and continuing education courses and symposia at annual meetings.

You can instantly join IVAM by logging into your SOT account and paying the IVAM membership dues.