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Officers 2018–2019

Current elected officials consist of the President, Vice President, Vice President-Elect, Secretary/Treasurer, Councilors, Postdoctoral Representative, and Student Representatives.

Position 2018–2019 2017–2018
  President Warren M. Casey Barbara Anne Wetmore
  Vice President Pamela J. Spencer Warren M. Casey
  Vice President-Elect Kelly Coleman Pamela J. Spencer
  Secretary/Treasurer Jill C. Merrill Jill C. Merrill
  Past President Barbara Anne Wetmore Amy J. Clippinger
  Councilors Kathryn Page
Agnes Karmaus
Katie Paul Friedman
Agnes Karmaus
  Postdoctoral Representative Leah Norona
Huan Wang
Susanne Ramm
Huan Wang
  Student Representative Robert G. Nichols Georgina Harris
  Vice Student Representative Belkys González Robert G. Nichols

To email the In Vitro and Alternative Methods Specialty Section Leadership, please send an email to SOTHQ@toxicology.org.

Past Presidents

Term in office President
5/1/17–4/30/18 Barbara Anne Wetmore
5/1/16–4/30/17 Amy J. Clippinger
5/1/15–4/30/16 John “Jack” Fowle
5/1/14–4/30/15 Hans Antony Raabe
5/1/13– 4/30/14 Suzanne Compton Fitzpatrick
5/1/12–4/30/13 Sharon A. Meyer
5/1/11–4/30/12 Vincent A. Murphy
5/1/10–4/30/11 Sue M. Ford
5/1/09–4/30/10 David G. Allen
5/1/08–4/30/09 Frank A. Barile
5/1/07–4/30/08 Daniel C. Kemp
5/1/06–4/30/07 George DeGeorge
5/1/05–4/30/06 Sidney Green
5/1/04–4/30/05 Julio Cesar Davila
5/1/03–4/30/04 Bruce A. Fowler
5/1/02–4/30/03 Monica A. Valentovic
5/1/01–4/30/02 Nancy A. Monteiro-Riviere
5/1/00–4/30/01 Alan M. Goldberg
5/1/99–4/30/00 Paul M. Silber
5/1/98–4/30/99 Rodger D. Curren
5/1/97–4/30/98 Joanne Zurlo
5/1/96–4/30/97 Oliver Peers Flint
5/1/95–4/30/96 John M. Frazier


Awards: Barbara Wetmore (Chair), Amy Clippinger (Vice-Chair), Jack Fowle, Hans Raabe

Nominating: Amy Clippinger (Chair), Jack Fowle, Hans Raabe, George DeGeorge, Suzanne Fitzpatrick,
Haitian Lu

Membership: Hans Raabe (Chair), Jack Fowle (Vice-Chair), David Pamies, Troy Hubbard, George DeGeorge

Program: Jack Fowle (Chair),  Amy Clippinger (Vice-Chair), Hans Raabe, Barbara Wetmore, David Pamies, Troy Hubbard, Georgina Harris

Communications: Catherine Willett (Chair), Haitian Lu (Vice-Chair), Jack Fowle, Amy Clippinger, Abigail Jacobs, David Pamies, Troy Hubbard, Georgina Harris

Soliciting New Officers

Nominations for new positions generally occur in the fall (please see the annual newsletter for openings). Appointments are for two years; the exception being the Vice-president Elect who automatically becomes the Vice-president, President, and then Past President. All candidates must be members of IVAM and candidates for the VP-Elect and Councilor positions must be full or associate members of SOT. To apply or nominate someone, send the nomination in the form of a biosketch to the contact listed in the fall newsletter. 

[SAMPLE BIOSKETCH (180 words or less—subject to editing if longer)]

This is a guideline for your bio—revise at your discretion.

[Name, including degrees and affiliations]

Dr. [Name] is a [Current position] at [Place of employment]. S/He received her/his doctorate in [Field] from [University] in [Year] and was a postdoctoral fellow at [Institution] from [Years, i.e. 1983–1986]. S/He studied [Major area of study]. In [Year], Dr. [Name] joined the [Workplace/organization] where her/his research interests continued in [Area of research interests]. S/He has served on the [Study sections, Panels, etc.] at the [Organization, i.e. NIH, EPA, etc.]. Dr. [Name] is author/co-author of [Number] [Publications including peer-reviewed articles and/or book chapters, etc.] and is currently on the [Committee] of [Organization or other enterprise]. S/He has been a member of the SOT since [Year] and has served the SOT in the following capacities:  [Offices/positions held].

[Students just modify accordingly as to your experience and plans to receive a doctorate.]