Program Details

All Annual Meeting session and event details (day, time, location) are available on this page. Information is updated as events are finalized.

By logging in to this Online Planner (using the email and password you used to register for the meeting), you can build a custom schedule that will transfer to the SOT Event App (launching in February 2020).

Online Planner Instructions

Tips for Using the Online Planner

  • The tabs open different pages within the Online Planner to view specific types of information related to the Annual Meeting program.
  • On the Agenda tab, use the menu (denoted with an arrow) to sort and filter the display of events (by day, time, key word, event type, and more); use the search bar to find activities by key word; and/or select a specific day to jump to that day’s schedule. Minimize the menu by clicking the arrow.
  • If an event, speaker, or abstract listing includes an arrow, you can click that item for more information.
  • If you have logged in to the Online Planner, you can select the calendar icon to add an event to your personal schedule. You also can select the star icon to bookmark the event for quick access and review later.