Poster Sessions

Occurring Mondays–Thursdays, March 15–18 and March 22–25, the Poster Sessions will allow attendees to view ePosters and interact directly with the poster authors through online chats.

The Poster Sessions will be scheduled into one of two time blocks: 11:15 am to 1:00 pm (US EDT, UTC -4) or 1:00 pm to 2:45 pm (US EDT, UTC -4). Upon completion of a Poster Session, all posters will be available in the Virtual Poster Gallery, where Annual Meeting participants can view the posters, leave questions/comments for the author via a chat message box, and listen to audio recordings by the author(s)

Instructions for Poster Session Presenters

Poster Design: Preparing Your Poster

Poster Preparation Tips and Layout Suggestions

ePoster Dimensions
16:9 is recommended, however 4:3 will display also, it just has black on each side of the 4:3 to fill the 16:9 space.

Headers Come First
At the top of each poster, you should post a label stating the title, authors, and author affiliations, in addition to the abstract final ID number.

COI and Logos
Conflict of interest disclosures should be included on your poster. Institutional logos, but not product logos, are allowed on your poster.

Keep Visual Balance in Mind
Make an initial rough layout, paying attention to the proportions of figures, tables, and text. Try to maintain a balance of using ~50% of the poster for figures and tables.

A Good Poster Is Like a Good Paper
Include your objective, the design/methods, the results, and the conclusion, but avoid displaying a short manuscript. Experimental details should be concise. Tables and conclusions should be clearly stated.

Keep It Simple
Don’t overload your poster with excessive text and data. Where possible, organize tables and figures chronologically in vertical progression.

Choose Photographs with Caution
Illustrative drawings should be used to depict animals. Photographs of animals should be used only where absolutely necessary for the scientific presentation. Because SOT does not condone inhumane treatment of animals, photographs depicting such treatment (as well as data derived from such treatment) will not be permitted under any circumstances. Posters for which human subject data are presented should indicate on the poster that protocols were reviewed and approved by a Human Subjects Institutional Review Board.

No Active Promotion of Exhibitor Booths
SOT policy prohibits the active promotion of ToxExpo exhibitors on scientific posters (e.g., “visit XXX’s Virtual Booth”). SOT reserves the right to remove scientific posters that specifically promote a ToxExpo exhibitor. Listing author affiliations in the poster title is not considered active promotion.

Optional: Alternative Format for Poster Design

The SOT Scientific Program Committee (SPC) encourages authors to format their posters in a way that best portrays their research and fosters discussion. There are many philosophies and recommendations regarding poster displays, and the SOT community on LinkedIn engaged in a discussion of a new poster format dubbed Poster 2.0. More information on Poster 2.0 is available on the creator’s YouTube account.

The SPC does not endorse or recommend a particular poster format. The only rules related to poster display, such as use of photographs and promotion of exhibitor booths, are outlined on this web page.

2021 SOT Virtual Poster Presentations Sneak Preview

Presenting Your Poster

The SOT Virtual Meeting platform will feature posters in a digital format that includes a built-in magnifying feature and the ability to include a short audio narration.

Presenting authors are expected to be available during their scheduled Poster Session to engage in digital chats with meeting attendees regarding the research displayed in the poster.

Poster Presentation Recording and Upload Instructions

Poster Session presenters are responsible for recording their presentations for the Virtual SOT Annual Meeting and for uploading these recordings to the Virtual Meeting platform. Posters should be loaded to the platform by March 1; presenting authors received upload invitation emails in late January. Your Poster Session presentation recording should cover the content of the poster, leaving the remaining session time for responding to questions submitted by attendees via Chat. Your total presentation time, including responding to questions, is the length of the Poster session: 1 hour and 45 minutes.

PowerPoint Recording Instructions for Mac Users

PowerPoint Recording Instructions for Mac Users

This video demonstrates instructions on how to record a PowerPoint Presentation with audio using a Mac computer.

Watch recording
PowerPoint Recording Instructions for PC Users

PowerPoint Recording Instructions for PC Users

This video demonstrates instructions on how to record a PowerPoint Presentation with video using a PC.

Watch recording

Recording your Poster using PowerPoint: SOT has developed tutorial videos that demonstrate how to record a slide presentation with audio and/or video on a PC or MAC. The Recording Instructions for Speakers document (for MAC users and for PC users) also outlines the steps and tips for recording a PowerPoint presentation. Please remember to save your video files in .MP4 format and at the highest-quality level available. For a Poster presentation, only one slide should be included in your PowerPoint presentation.

Presenting authors are expected to be available during their scheduled Poster Session to engage in digital chats with meeting attendees regarding the research displayed in the poster.

Poster Sessions FAQs

ePosters will not be downloadable.

In addition, upon registering for the meeting, attendees agree to not capture, copy, or take screenshots of any aspect of the Virtual Annual Meeting without the consent of the presenter(s)/author(s)/exhibitor(s)/etc., including but not limited to slide presentations, video presentations, audio presentations, Q&As, chats, exhibits, posters, and abstracts. Individuals found on violation of this Annual Meeting policy will be removed from the meeting.

Yes. Poster Sessions will occur Mondays–Thursdays, March 15–18 and March 22–25, during two time blocks: 11:15 am to 1:00 pm (US EDT, UTC -4) or 1:00 pm to 2:45 pm (US EDT, UTC -4). During the assigned Poster Session, the presenting author is expected to be virtually attending the poster to engage in digital chats with other attendees.

Upon completion of your designated Poster Session, your ePoster will be available on demand in the Virtual Poster Gallery. As part of the display in this gallery, you can upload an audio narration to provide more perspective on your poster. Information on how to record and provide these audio narrations will be available in January 2021.

Poster Session Chair: Roles and Responsibilities


The primary objective of the Poster Session is to foster and encourage discussion and debate of important scientific questions relevant to the major themes of the session. Secondary objectives include providing specific feedback to the authors concerning their data and its interpretation and fostering interchange between the presenters and the observers of the poster material.

Chair Role

SOT is seeking at least one Chair per Poster Session. Before the Poster Session, Chairs are asked to:

Review and become familiar with all the abstracts in their session.

Keep track of posters assigned to the session and note that all posters are viewable.

Visit each poster in the session and share details about the Poster Session experience in a survey which will be sent to Poster Chairs following the Virtual Annual Meeting.