Exhibitor-Hosted Sessions

Exhibitor-Hosted Sessions (EHS) are commercially supported educational sessions held in conjunction with the Virtual SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo. Only ToxExpo exhibitors or Annual Meeting Supporters may apply. Sessions are open to all meeting attendees.

Application Information

Applications will be evaluated for the ability to provide educational content distinct from that in the official Virtual SOT Annual Meeting scientific program and are subject to approval by the SOT Scientific Program Committee or its agents/staff. Information presented in Exhibitor-Hosted Sessions must provide a balanced, objective viewpoint.

Applicants must be in good financial standing.

One session per company, per day is allowed. A maximum of three sessions per exhibitor (or Supporter) is allowed over the course of the event.

Incomplete applications (including sections marked with “TBD”) will be rejected.

Session Availability

Multiple Exhibitor-Hosted Sessions slots are available Monday–Thursday, March 15–18, and March 22–25. Sessions are available in the morning and afternoon. The application outlines the most up-to-date availability.

Application Fee

The fee per Exhibitor-Hosted Session is $1,250 and is due once the session is approved. The fee includes inclusion of the session in all lists of Exhibitor-Hosted Sessions, including in the SOT Event App, as part of the SOT Online Meeting, and in the event platform.

EHA Virtual Platform Q&A session with Chat image


The deadline to apply for an Exhibitor-Hosted Session is February 22, 2021. Applications are reviewed on a first come, first-served basis. Recorded presentations must be uploaded to the SOT Session Management System no later than March 1, 2021.

Session Format

Exhibitor-Hosted Sessions will be prerecorded and combined with a live question-and-answer period. The prerecorded presentations will be shown on the SOT Virtual Meeting platform on the date and time listed in the confirmation email and immediately followed by a live question-and-answer period. After the session’s listed day and time, the session will be available on demand for meeting registrants through May 31, 2021.

Recording Format

Speakers are asked to record their own PowerPoint presentations, using their computers and either a built-in or good quality external microphone. After the session has been recorded, it will be uploaded to the SOT Session Management system.

SOT has developed tutorial videos that demonstrate how to record a slide presentation with audio and/or video on a PC or MAC. The Recording Instructions document (for MAC users and for PC users) also outlines the steps and tips for recording a PowerPoint presentation. Please remember to save your video files in .MP4 format and at the highest-quality level available.

PowerPoint Recording Instructions for Mac Users

PowerPoint Recording Instructions for Mac Users

This video demonstrates instructions on how to record a PowerPoint Presentation with audio using a Mac computer.

Watch recording
PowerPoint Recording Instructions for PC Users

PowerPoint Recording Instructions for PC Users

This video demonstrates instructions on how to record a PowerPoint Presentation with video using a PC.

Watch recording

Session recordings are limited to 45 minutes or less, with 15 minutes allotted to a live question-and-answer period. Recordings should include the presentation only. At the start of the recording, the speaker should advise attendees that questions submitted via chat will be addressed during the live question-and-answer period immediately following the presentation. The playback of the session will transition seamlessly into the question-and-answer period.

Live Questions and Answers

It is recommended to compose several questions in advance in case no questions are submitted via chat; this will prevent awkwardness during the session. Additionally, it is recommended that you obtain mobile phone numbers from your speakers in case you need to reach out to them quickly the day of your virtual session.

Each session must designate a moderator who will be responsible for reviewing questions submitted through chat and reading the question for the speaker(s) to address. Approving questions submitted through chat is necessary so the questions are visible to the attendees; approval is necessary to prevent inappropriate questions from displaying.

Exhibitor-Hosted Sessions are open to all attendees, with questions welcome from all. Unless a question is inappropriate, it should be addressed by the speaker(s), regardless of the affiliation of the asker. The SOT Code of Conduct prohibits any form of discrimination, as information shared during the meeting is open access to all meeting attendees. SOT will investigate reported instances of discrimination within Exhibitor-Hosted Sessions and will respond accordingly.

EHS Rules and Regulations

SOT reserves the right to review all mailings and other promotional items and activities employed to publicize any Exhibitor-Hosted Session. All brochures, invitations, announcements, agendas, speaker descriptions, evaluations, postcards, website listings, other promotional and meeting materials, and enduring materials must be approved by SOT prior to printing or release. All promotional and meeting materials and any enduring materials for the session must include the following language verbatim placed in a prominent area on all materials associated with the session:

This session is an Exhibitor-Hosted Session. Although not an official part of the Virtual SOT Annual Meeting scientific program, its presentation is permitted by the Society.

The Society of Toxicology’s name and logo are the exclusive property of and trademarked by the Society of Toxicology. Aside from the approved wording, the SOT name, insignia, logo, acronym, or any reference to the Virtual SOT Annual Meeting may not be used in mailing pieces, signs, advertising, or promotions in any media or on descriptive product literature before, during, or after the meeting without written consent of SOT.

The use of hazardous materials and live animal testing during the sessions are prohibited. Results of studies in which animal experimentation was involved must have been carried out in accordance with the Society’s Guiding Principles in the Use of Animals in Toxicology.

The SOT Annual Meeting Policies—to which all attendees agree upon registration—prohibit capturing, copying, or taking screenshots of any aspect of the Virtual Annual Meeting without the consent of the presenter(s)/author(s)/exhibitor(s), including but not limited to slide presentations, video presentations, audio presentations, Q&As, chats, exhibits, posters, and abstracts. This is an honor system similar to that employed during the in-person meeting, which prohibits taking photos or videos of Scientific Sessions and posters.

If the above rules are not adhered to in full, SOT reserves the right to cancel an Exhibitor-Hosted Session at any time.

EHS Marketing and Promotion Guidelines

Beyond the promotion assistance provided by SOT (see Application Fee information section), the SOT mailing list also is available to rent for one-time use and contains postal mailing addresses only (no email addresses or fax numbers, per the SOT privacy policy).