Virtual 2021 SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo Policies

Attendee Qualifications

The Society of Toxicology (SOT) reserves the right to review applications for participation at the SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo to confirm that the applicant meets the SOT attendance qualifications. The Society may reject a registration by any individual or organization or withdraw registration privileges at any time if the individual or organization is found to be inconsistent with the Society’s principles and interests.

Participation is available only to bona fide individuals who are engaged in or promote the field of toxicology or biotechnology research and support the growth and development of the toxicology field.

Participation is available only to bona fide organizations with public policy positions and business practices that are generally consistent with the SOT mission, goals, and reputation, as well as its policies and principles, as determined by the Society.

SOT Code of Conduct

The Society of Toxicology is committed to providing a safe and productive environment for all of its meetings; one that fosters open dialogue, the free exchange of scientific ideas, the promotion of equal opportunity, and is free of any sort of harassment, coercion, and discrimination. All meeting participants are expected to treat others with respect and consideration, follow venue rules, and alert Society of Toxicology staff, officers, or security of any potentially dangerous situations, individuals in stress, or instances of harassment, coercion, or discrimination. The Society of Toxicology is fully cognizant that there are areas of our science that are controversial. Our meetings can and should serve as an effective forum to consider and debate scientifically-relevant viewpoints in an orderly, respectful and fair manner. The policies herein apply to all meeting attendees, speakers, exhibitors, guests, staff, contractors, and volunteers.

What is harassment?
Harassment includes speech or behavior that is not welcome or is personally offensive, whether it is based on ethnicity, race, gender, religion, age, body size, disability, veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other reason not related to scientific merit.

Behavior acceptable to one person may not be acceptable to others. As such, meeting attendees must use discretion to ensure that respect is clearly communicated. Harassment expressed in a joking manner still constitutes unacceptable behavior. Retaliation for reporting harassment is a violation of this policy, as is reporting an incident in bad faith.

Reporting harassment
The Society of Toxicology is committed to providing a safe environment for everyone at any of their meetings. If an individual experiences or witnesses harassment of any kind, they should contact Society of Toxicology staff at or 703.438.3115 or use a venue phone or personal cell phone to contact venue security if they feel unsafe. All complaints will be treated seriously and responded to promptly.

If an individual wishes to file a formal grievance of harassment:

  • Notify meeting staff at or 703.438.3115.
  • Society of Toxicology staff will discuss any grievance first with the individual filing the grievance, then with the alleged offender, seek counsel if the appropriate action is unclear, and report the incident and findings to the Society of Toxicology Council and legal counsel.
  • The Society of Toxicology will consult with the individual filing the grievance prior to taking any action

The Society of Toxicology reserves the right to remove an individual from a meeting without warning or refund of any expenses, to prohibit attendance at future Society of Toxicology meetings, and to notify the individual’s employer.

If there are questions related to this policy, please contact the Society of Toxicology Executive Director at or 703.438.3115.

Attendance Terms and Conditions

By registering for the Virtual SOT 60th Annual Meeting and ToxExpo, you are agreeing to abide by SOT Code of Conduct policy and to the following terms and conditions, granting SOT permission to:

  • Reproduce, copy, and publish your image, voice, and any or all media taken as part of the Annual Meeting and ToxExpo.
  • Share your contact information with organizations that the Society believes might have a product or service of interest to you. Limited data provided to third parties include name, title, affiliation, and business address. Your telephone and fax numbers and email will not be disclosed to third parties.
  • Share your name and affiliation with ToxExpo exhibitors and Annual Meeting Supporters.
  • Include you in the attendee list, which includes your name and affiliation, accessible to meeting registrants using the SOT Event App.

SOT Annual Meeting registrants are prohibited from:

  • Including promotional materials, special offers, job offers, product announcements, or solicitation for services outside of the Virtual ToxExpo and/or other designated spaces. SOT reserves the right to remove such messages and potentially ban the sources of those solicitations.
  • Capturing, copying, or taking screenshots of any aspect of the Virtual Annual Meeting without the consent of the presenter(s)/author(s)/exhibitor(s)/etc., including but not limited to slide presentations, video presentations, audio presentations, Q&As, chats, exhibits, posters, and abstracts.
  • Causing a disruption to any virtual activity, session, or event.
  • Sharing derogatory, offensive, or inappropriate content in any format on the Virtual Meeting platform.

These policies will be enforced by the Society. Those individuals who do not comply will be asked to leave the Virtual Meeting. To request an exemption from any of the Annual Meeting policies, written notification by the registrant must be submitted to SOT Headquarters before the start of the Annual Meeting and ToxExpo. If you have any questions regarding these policies, please contact the SOT Headquarters Office.

SOT Privacy Policy and Disclaimer

The SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo adheres to the Society’s general privacy policy and disclaimers.