Health and Safety

Disease Prevention and Protection

The 2023 SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo will adhere to local and national health rules and guidance, as issued by governing bodies such as the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US CDC) and the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee. If those rules and guidance require specific policies and procedures associated with in-person meeting attendance, this web page and other Annual Meeting materials will be updated to inform registrants and potential registrants.

Health Standards and Cleaning Procedures for Nashville Music City Center

Highlights of the health features and cleaning process for Nashville Music City Center (MCC) follow. For more details, review the MCC Health & Safety Guidelines.

  • There are no public health mandates for the city of Nashville or the state of Tennessee; however, team members and service partners are required to wear masks while inside the facility.
  • MCC received Global BioRisk Advisory Council (GBAC) STAR™ facility accreditation and Nashville’s Good To Go certification.
  • There are 121 strategically placed hand sanitizers throughout the facility that contain 70% isopropyl alcohol.
  • The restroom lights and toilets, as well as soap, water, and paper towel dispensers, are touch free. Plus, the restrooms and high-touch points are cleaned and disinfected regularly.
  • Facility elevators, ADA entry doors, and parking equipment utilize touchless technology for hands-free access.
  • MCC clean air quality is maintained through MERV 13 hospital-grade air filtration.
  • The food and beverage staff includes 41 ServSafe-certified professionals and three HACCP-certified culinarians.


Through numerous resolutions and executive actions, the Metropolitan Government of Nashville & Davidson County has demonstrated that it does not support—and in some cases does not recognize—Tennessee legislative actions that could exclude, isolate, or harm specific communities or individuals. In his 2022 State of Metro Address, Nashville Mayor John Cooper stated, “We are also hard at work making Nashville a stronger community by making it a more inclusive community,” outlining efforts for gender-affirming health coverage, expanding the number of multi-lingual employees in call centers and government agencies, and more.

The Nashville Convention and Visitors Corporation (NCVC) also recognizes and supports Nashville’s diverse communities, specifically promoting businesses owned and operated by Asian, Black, Hispanic and Latin, and LGBT+ individuals.

For additional information about how Nashville is committed to protecting residents and visitors from potentially harmful legislation and actions, visit the “Nashville and Social Issues of Potential Concern” web page.

Personal Safety and On-Site Security

In addition to convention center personnel, SOT employs security staff to assist before and during the meeting. The personal safety tips outlined on this page are provided by these security experts.

Personal Safety

The best way to stay safe is to be aware of your surroundings and to avoid situations in which you feel uncomfortable. Travel “smart” when you leave Nashville Music City Center:

  • Take off your badge when you leave the convention center.
  • Avoid being distracted by your mobile phone, but make sure your phone is charged and never let strangers borrow it.
  • Establish a “buddy” system with another meeting attendee and don’t go anywhere alone. Also, share schedules and check on each other periodically.
  • Know your destination and the best way to reach it. Avoid shortcuts that take you into unoccupied and unlit areas.
  • Carry bags, purses, and valuables in front of your body. Jackets with pockets provide a convenient alternative to reduce the chance for lost or stolen handbags.
  • Be sure your laptop is in a secure place. Laptops are attractive and easy targets for thieves.
  • If you see something, say something! Report suspicious activity to authorities.

In Case of Protests

The possibility of demonstrators is very real given the nature of toxicology research. Events of this nature range from verbal confrontations, protests, and strikes to riots. Here are some safety tips in the event of demonstrations:

  • Identify yourself as an official meeting attendee by always wearing your name badge while in Nashville Music City Center or while attending official SOT events. Remove it when leaving an SOT meeting facility or activity.
  • If you see a demonstration or protest beginning, please contact any member of the SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo staff, and they will start the SOT response process. If you see actions that appear threatening, notify the nearest security officer.
  • Do not engage, defend either side, or subdue anyone in any type of disturbance. Demonstrators are usually trying to attract media attention. Don’t help them!
  • SOT representatives will respond to media inquiries. Do not participate in interviews or other media responses.
  • In the unlikely event that outsiders disrupt a Scientific Session or other event, SOT security officials have well-developed contingency plans in place. Please follow directions provided by the Session Chair or Co-Chair and avoid becoming involved in the situation.