Meeting Experience

Watch Featured and Scientific Sessions On Demand

Registrants of the 2023 meeting can watch recordings of the Featured and Scientific Sessions through the SOT Online Planner and SOT Event App.

The ability to watch on-demand recordings of the 2023 SOT Featured and Scientific Sessions through the SOT Online Planner and SOT Event App will be supported through June 2023. After June 2023, the recordings may still be accessible through the SOT Event App, but functionality is not guaranteed.

To view the recordings on either platform, navigate to a session description page, log in, and select the “View Recording” button. You also can use the filter options on both platforms to view the list of the available on-demand recordings. For more detailed instructions, watch the tutorial for accessing the recordings when using the SOT Event App or the tutorial for using the SOT Online Planner.

How to View On-Demand Recordings

This video demonstrates the various ways to find and view the on-demand recordings when using the SOT Event App.

Science in the Heart of Downtown Nashville

Built in 2013, Music City Center is in downtown Nashville and within walking distance of myriad hotels, restaurants, bars, live music venues, museums, historical sites, and more. Other details about Music City Center's location include:

  • More than 10 hotels built within the last 10 years within a five-block radius
  • Two blocks from Lower Broadway, which is home to 30+ restaurants, bars, and live music venues
  • Within walking distance of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, Bridgestone Arena, Ryman Auditorium, Frist Art Museum, multiple parks, and more

Explore the “Visit Music City” website created for the SOT meeting to discover more about Nashville.

Meeting Overview

This event brings together 5,000+ toxicologists and those working in areas related to toxicology to share the latest science and technology in the field, as well as to make new connections, gather with friends, and engage in mentoring and professional development.

More than 70 Featured and Scientific Sessions will take place alongside 2,000+ poster presentations and the three-day ToxExpo featuring 250 companies.

The atmosphere during the SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo is relaxed, yet lively, with attendees dressed in business casual attire. The science is taken seriously, but presenters and registrants are friendly and approachable.

Are you attending your first SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo?

Consult this blog prepared by the Graduate Student Leadership Committee for tips and tricks on making the most of the meeting.

In-Person Experience Only

The 2023 SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo is taking place exclusively on-site in Nashville, Tennessee.

There will be no live online or virtual element of the meeting. As an added benefit, registrants will be able to access recordings of all Featured and Scientific Sessions through the SOT Online Planner and the SOT Event App within 24 hours of a session’s conclusion, but these sessions will NOT be livestreamed. Poster Sessions will not be recorded, but authors can make their posters available electronically for viewing on the SOT Online Planner and the SOT Event App. Exhibitor-Hosted Sessions also will not be recorded and can only be attended in person.

As an add-on activity, recordings of the Continuing Education courses will only be available to course registrants or those who enroll in CEd-Tox, the Society’s Continuing Education online courses program, after the meeting’s conclusion.

SOT Online Planner and Event App

The Online Planner and SOT Event App are your most up-to-date resources for the SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo since they are continually updated as information is finalized and changes.

A close up of two people holding phones. One person has the phone angled toward them and is looking at the 2023 SOT Event App home screen. The second person has their phone screen turned toward the first person, with the 2023 SOT Annual Meeting logo and artwork displaying on the screen.

Make Connections in the ToxExpo

The three-day ToxExpo—taking place from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm, March 20–22, 2023—features companies and organizations that support toxicologists and the toxicology community. Exhibitors include research organizations, government agencies, laboratory suppliers, drug developers, consulting firms, and academic institutions.

Stop by to visit with these exhibitors between sessions, during lunch, or at other times throughout the day to learn about products and services, job opportunities, new technology, and more.

View 2023 Exhibitor List
A young woman is standing and holding a laptop open at waist height. She is gesturing to the laptop screen with one hand. An older man stands next to her and is looking at the laptop screen.

Preparing for the Meeting and Your Arrival

Hotel Reservations

SOT has reserved rooms and negotiated exclusive rates at many hotels near Music City Center. While SOT recognizes that other housing arrangements are possible, booking through Connections Housing helps reduce SOT expenses, allowing the Society to support its mission and various programs throughout the year.


Nashville International Airport (BNA) serves more than 10 million passengers each year. The airport is less than 10 miles from downtown Nashville, with trips taking about 20 minutes. SOT has compiled information on many transportation options once you arrive, as well as some airfare and rental discounts.

Badges and Tickets

Badges will be distributed on-site at Music City Center—no badges will be mailed—so review the on-site registration hours and plan accordingly. Admission for add-on events will be tied to the scannable code on your badge, so no paper tickets are needed.

On-Site Services

Services available at Music City Center include a business center, restaurants and concessions, coat and luggage check, and free Wi-Fi. More information on these services is available on the “On-Site Services” web page.

Science and Learning

Featured and Scientific Sessions
Continuing Education Courses
Scientific Presentations
Exhibitor-Hosted Sessions
View the Schedule


All Are Welcome in Nashville

Through numerous resolutions and executive actions, the Metropolitan Government of Nashville & Davidson County has demonstrated that it does not support—and in some cases recognize—Tennessee legislative actions that could exclude, isolate, or harm specific communities or individuals. In his 2022 State of Metro Address, Nashville Mayor John Cooper stated, “We are also hard at work making Nashville a stronger community by making it a more inclusive community,” outlining efforts for gender-affirming health coverage, expanding the number of multilingual employees in call centers and government agencies, and more. Visit the “Health and Safety” web page and “Nashville and Social Issues of Potential Concern” web page for more information.



For those using wheelchairs or other devices to assist with mobility, automated doors to enter Music City Center are located at the 5th and 6th Avenue entrances. All public restrooms in the center are accessible, and there are multiple family-style restrooms on Level 1. If you need to rent a mobility device for use in Nashville, SOT recommends:


If you need translation services while attending the meeting, SOT recommends:

Vision and Other Services

For those with vision impairments, braille instructions can be found on the elevators, restrooms, and emergency exit signs throughout Music City Center.

If you need any services not listed on this web page, such as TDD devices, to support your full participation in the SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo, please indicate your needs while registering and contact Maureen Bayley.

Nursing Mothers and Families

SOT is supporting a childcare service during the 2023 SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo, and children are allowed in Scientific Sessions and the ToxExpo Exhibit Hall. There are multiple family-style restrooms on Level 1 and two Nursing Mother’s Lounges, one on Level 1 and another on Level 3.
(Update: The on-site childcare program has been canceled because of lack of enrollment.)

Sustainability at Music City Center

Music City Center is a US Green Building LEED Gold-certified facility.

The roof of Music City Center features 845 solar panels and is home to a four-acre garden with 14 types of vegetation. Rainwater is collected and used in the toilets/urinals throughout Music City Center and to irrigate the center’s outside vegetation.

Music City Center has a robust recycling program, providing separate containers for paper, aluminum, and cardboard. It also recycles fluorescent light bulbs, plastics, batteries, and cooking oil.

Excess food is donated to community partners, and Music City Center engages in composting.

Ways SOT and Members Contribute

SOT is printing badges on-site, eliminating the use of mailing materials, and using recycled materials for the badges. SOT also is limiting paper waste by making meeting materials available exclusively in electronic format.

Attendees are encouraged to bring refillable water bottles to reduce plastic waste and to use the Music City Center recycling containers. With 10+ hotels and 30+ restaurants and entertainment venues within a five-block radius, limit the use of ground transportation—but remember to stay in pairs or with a group for personal safety. Another tip for personal safety that also aids sustainability efforts is to share rides with fellow attendees to and from the airport and other locations.