Award Opportunities


Awards Available for Every Career and Education Level

SOT distributes hundreds of awards before and during the SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo. Some awards require a nomination, while others involve an application. Annual Meeting–associated awards have deadlines as early as September and as late as February.

Two individuals are smiling at the camera and holding an award plaque between them.
Two individuals are smiling at each other. One is handing a large award plaque to the other. Surrounding the individuals are round tables where people are seated. An individual stands in front of a mounted poster board. They are smiling at the camera and using their thumb to point behind them at the blue ribbon tacked next to the poster. Two individuals stand next to each other smiling at the camera. One individual is holding an award plaque. An individual stands in front of a mounted posterboard. They are turned sideways next to the poster speaking with an individual who is looking at the poster. Tacked next to the poster is a purple award ribbon. Three individuals stand next to each other and are smiling at the camera. The individual in the middle is holding an award certificate.

Types of Awards

SOT Awards

Conferred by the SOT Awards and other Committees, these awards recognize achievement in many categories that support the advancement of toxicology. Nominations and applications for these awards are due October 9.

Undergraduate Student Awards

These awards recognize research, provide travel support, and supply opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds to explore toxicology and related sciences. Applications are due October 16.

Abstract and Travel Awards

Search “travel” to find awards that offset expenses to attend the meeting. These awards often require an accepted abstract for the meeting. Deadlines vary by award, so review the award materials carefully.

SOT Component Group Awards

SOT Regional Chapters, Special Interest Groups, and Specialty Sections bestow many awards to recognize the achievements of toxicologists, particularly graduate students and postdocs. Deadlines vary.

Awards Supported by the SOT Endowment Fund

Many SOT Awards are made possible thanks to the SOT Endowment Fund. To help support these awards and other Society activities focused on advancing the science and increasing the impact of toxicology, consider donating to the SOT Endowment Fund.