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Join an SOT Group

SOT has formed a number of special membership groups, designed to connect like-minded toxicologists and help advance research and support in specific aspects of toxicology. These groups consist of 18 Regional Chapters, six Special Interest Groups, and 27 Specialty Sections.

Join a Regional Chapter

The purpose of SOT Regional Chapters is to foster scientific exchange at a local level. They sponsor regular local meetings throughout the year and sponsor awards.

Membership is not restricted to Society members and dues vary by chapter.

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Join a Special Interest Group

SOT promotes and facilitates the formation of subgroups of members with a common ethnicity, country of origin, and gender to focus on toxicological research issues germane to their community. The overarching goals of these Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are to develop, propose, and conduct programs and educational activities that promote career development opportunities for toxicologists; act as a resource to SOT in the area of toxicology as it relates to the specific interest of each group; and promote and recognize the accomplishments of toxicologists from within each group.

All members in good standing of SOT can become members of SIGs by paying dues. Students and postdoctoral members receive their first SIG membership at no cost. The following SIGs allow membership by non-SOT members who have a professional interest in toxicology: American Association of Chinese in Toxicology; Association of Scientists of Indian Origin; Hispanic Organization of Toxicologists; Korean Toxicologists Association in America; and Toxicologists of African Origin.

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Join a Specialty Section

The Specialty Sections provide a forum for networking with peers who share an interest in a specific area of toxicology. These sections may propose sessions for the SOT Annual Meeting & ToxExpo, hold gatherings and business meetings at the Annual Meeting, exchange information via newsletters, present awards, and participate in other scientific activities.

Members in good standing of SOT can become members of Specialty Sections by paying dues. Students and postdoctoral members receive their first Specialty Section membership at no cost.

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