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Honor Roll of Contributors

The SOT Endowment Fund Board, on behalf of the entire membership of the Society of Toxicology, gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the many donors who made contributions to the SOT Endowment Fund.

$50,000 or more
Daniel and Patricia Acosta
Bruce A. Fowler
Jerry B. Hook
Jacqueline H. Smith

Barbara Gehring and Family
Lois D. Lehman-McKeeman
Roger O. and Kathleen M. McClellan
James A. and Gloria Jean Popp
Dharm V. Singh
Elizabeth K. Weisburger

Yves Alarie
Hugh A. Barton
Mary and Joseph F. Borzelleca
Young Soo Choi
Lax Desai
John and Vera Doull
David L. and Kathleen Eaton
Marion F. Ehrich
The Family of Donald E. Gardner
William C. Hays
Rudolph E. and Susan Jaeger
Shawn Douglas Lamb
Joe and Teri LeBeau
Charles Lindamood III
Frank C. Lu and Family
Harihara M. and Rekha Mehendale
Mark R. Montgomery
John B. Morris
Mitzi and Prakash Nagarkatti
Richard Nass
Dennis J. Paustenbach
K. S. Rao
Donald J. Reed
Ivan Rusyn

Barbara D. Beck
Linda S. and David Birnbaum
Matthew S. and Renee Bogdanffy
Brad Bolon
Balbir S. Brar
Dennis J. and Leigh Ann Burns Naas
Steven D. and Elaine S. Cohen
Jon C. and Judith R. Cook
Paul W. and Grace Ferguson
Marie C. Fortin
Peter L. Goering
Bernard D. Goldstein & Russellyn Carruth
Jay I. Goodman
Jeff Handler
Eileen P. Hayes
Ronald N. Hines and D. Gail McCarver
Charles H. Hobbs
Ijaz S. Jamall
David and Patricia Kepler
Curtis and Cherry Klaassen
James E. and Lisa Klaunig
Elaine Valerie Knight
Frank and Sally Kotsonis
Kannan Krishnan
Gary L. Lage
Robert E. Larson
Pamela J. Lein
Brinda Mahadevan
Jose E. Manautou
Gary and Patti Miller
Nancy A. Monteiro-Riviere
Jay Murray
Gilbert S. Omenn
Robert E. and Ursula Osterberg
Martin and Catherine Philbert
Jennifer L. Rayner
Clarissa L. Russell
Robert A. Scala
Rick G. Schnellmann
Brian G. Short
I. Glenn Sipes
William and Cristine Slikker
Robert J. Staab
Christopher W. Stewart
Thomas R. Sutter
Robert G. Tardiff
Cheryl Lyn Walker
Kendall B. and Gail A. Wallace
John E. Whalan
Ronald K. Wolff
James S. Woods

An initial contribution of $500 or more and a commitment to make cumulative contributions of $5,000 or more within a 10–year period.
Dozie Amuzie
Norman J. and Valerie G. Barlow
Kim Boekelheide and Janet Austin
Janice E. Chambers
George B. and Anna Karen Corcoran
Joan M. Cranmer
Julia Yue Cui
Jack H. and Suellen Dean
Angelo and Christine Furgiuele
Michael A. Gallo
Patricia Ganey and Robert Roth
Donald E. and Elly Gardner
Jack R. Harkema
Renee Hartsook
Bob & Diane Higginbotham
Michael and Mona Holsapple
Norbert and Beth Kaminski
Anumantha G. Kanthasamy
Robert H. Ku
Shaun D. McCullough
Jeffrey S. Moffit
Adrian Nanez
Richard W. Pfeifer
Kenneth S. Ramos
Charles F. Reinhardt
Jason and Terrilyn Richardson
Denise Robinson Gravatt
Robert A. Roth
Vivekkumar Dadhania and Priyanka Trivedi
Monica Valentovic
Helmut Zarbl

$500 or more in 2018–2019
Elizabeth Baird in honor of William Baird
Susan Borghoff
Dennis Bridge
Alessandro Brigo
Heather D. Burleigh-Flayer
Daniel J. Caldwell in honor of Yves Alarie
Kristina D. Chadwick
Revive Therapeutics
Mary and Bill Conner
Myrtle A. Davis in Memory of my Parents, Clifford and Dorothy Davis
Dana C. Dolinoy
Betty J. Eidemiller
Alison C. P. Elder in honor of Yves Alarie
Timothy Fennell
Jeffrey S. Ferguson in honor of Dr. Yves Alarie
Mark R. Fielden
Suzanne Compton Fitzpatrick
A. Jay Gandolfi
A. Jay Gandolfi in memory of Judith Gandolfi
Thomas Glaab in honor of Yves Alarie
Daniel Goon in honor of Dr. Yves Alarie
John Paul Gosling
Joshua Gray
Barbara J. Henry in honor of Yves Alarie
Andree Hertz in memory of Micheline Alarie
Danuta J. Herzyk
Kimberly Hodge-Bell
Minority Professional Consortium for Environmental Impacted Communities (MPCEIC, LLC)
Hartmut and Mary Lynn Jaeschke
Terrance J. Kavanagh
Lawrence Keller
Nancy I. Kerkvliet
Dr. M. D. King
James J. Kocsis
David A. Lawrence
Betina J. Lew
A. Razzak Memon
Sharon A. Meyer
Anthony M. Ndifor
Edward V. Ohanian
Sunanda and Koustubh Oka in honor of Dr. Yves Alarie
Bob Perkins
Gary O. Rankin
Gurcharan (Ghona) K. Sangha in honor of Dr. Yves Alarie
Michelle and Ken Schaper
Timothy J. Shafer in memory of Toshio Narahashi
Barbara S. Shane
Maryanne F. Stock in honor of Yves Alarie
Dietrich A. Weyel
King Lit Wong in honor of Yves Alarie
Judith T. Zelikoff

$250–$499 in 2018–2019
Richard A. Becker
Michael DeVito
Francis Michael Esposito
Gregory L. Finch
Jan Hulla
Dolores E. Malek in honor of Yves Alarie
Tonia Masson
Nadia Moore
Arvind K. N. Nandedkar
Haley Neff-LaFord
April L. O'Connell
David J. Thomas

$100–$249 in 2018–2019
Richard H. Adamson
Rosalind C. Anderson in honor of Yves Alarie
Michelle L. Block
Sol Bobst
William K. Boyes
Anna Engstrom and Chad Weldy
Sue M. Ford
John R. Fowle III
Jeffery M. Gearhart
Sidney Green
Tod Harper & Leah Wehmas
William Andrew Irwin
Amy L. Kennedy in honor of Dr. Yves Alarie
Norman Kim
Edward D. Levin in honor of Dr. Anumantha Kanthasamy
Richard B. Mailman in memory of Ernest Hodgson
Francine Matijak
Miriam C. Poirier
Wade Powell
Weiyi Su
David E. Williams in honor of Dr. William Baird

$40–$99 in 2018–2019
Barbara Buckley
Jason Cannon
Sophie Zhe Jia in memory of Austin Bryce Utley
Patricia Ruiz
Paul M. Schlosser in memory of Ken Bischoff


$10,000 or more
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Hoffman-La Roche Inc.
Hoffman-La Roche, Inc.
ILSI Health and Environmental Sciences Institute
PPG Foundation
The Sapphire Group, Inc.
Toxikon Corporation

TS DYNE Co., Ltd.
Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation
Navistar, Inc
Research Institute for Fragrance Materials, Inc.

Charles River
CH Technologies (USA), Inc. in honor of Sydney Laskin
KR Global Partners, Inc.
Eastman Charitable Foundation
CH Technologies (USA) Inc. and Mr. and Mrs. Jaeger
Eastman Charitable Foundation
Seattle Genetics

Preclinical GPS - Global Preclinical Services
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Scialli Consulting LLC
International Neurotoxicology Association
ITR Laboratories Canada, Inc.
BRI Biopharmaceutical Research
BioReliance Corporation
Peter J. Korytko, Preclinical GPS
Stephen W. Frantz, MPI Research
Stephen W. Frantz
Veritox, Inc.
Peter J. Korytko
Oklahoma State University
Boehringer Ingelheim
Cantox Health Sciences Inc.
General Electric
Formaldehyde Council, Inc.
Stephen W. Frantz, MPI Research
Veritox, Inc.

American Society of Association Executives on behalf of Clarissa L. Russell
Amgen Foundation on behalf of The Nanez Family
Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation on behalf of Kary Thompson
Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation on behalf of Kristina Chadwick
Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation on behalf of Kristina D. Chadwick
Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation on behalf of Myrtle A. Davis
Johnson and Johnson Matching Gifts Program on behalf of Anthony M. Ndifor
Johnson and Johnson Matching Gifts Program on behalf of Betina J. Lew
Johnson and Johnson Matching Gifts Program on behalf of Chidozie J. Amuzie
Johnson and Johnson Matching Gifts Program on behalf of Daniel J.Caldwell
Johnson and Johnson Matching Gifts Program on behalf of Kristina D. Chadwick
Johnson and Johnson Matching Gifts Program on behalf of Norman Barlow
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program on behalf of Denise Robinson Gravatt
The Benevity Community Impact Fund on behalf of Leigh Ann Burns Naas
The BP Foundation on behalf of Daniel Goon