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Undergraduate Students

For undergraduate students, SOT offers special status as an Undergraduate Student Affiliate, specific activities at the SOT Annual Meeting, and travel awards, including the Undergraduate Diversity Award and the Pfizer SOT Undergraduate Student Award. Other resources include career information, internship listings, opportunities to participate in Regional Chapter meetings, and connections to other ways to investigate exciting opportunities in biomedical graduate school and toxicology careers.

SOT Annual Meeting Abstract Submission Deadline: October 18
SOT Awards Application Deadline: October 18
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Undergraduate Student Affiliates

Undergraduate Student Affiliates

The Society of Toxicology has established a special category for undergraduate students to participate in the activities of the Society. There is no fee for the affiliate status and undergraduates retain this status until their graduation. Undergraduate Student Affiliate applications are accepted at any time.

Undergraduate Student Affiliate Eligibility

  • Are enrolled in an academic program leading to a bachelor’s degree, or in the first year of a formal postbaccalaureate research position.
  • Have an interest in toxicology or related biomedical sciences, and
  • Submit the required information on the form below.

Undergraduate Student Affiliate Benefits

  • Achieve distinction among your peers
  • Obtain a special status with SOT
  • Participate in the SOT Undergraduate Affiliate ToXchange Community
  • Gain access to information
    • Undergraduate Affiliate ToXchange community discussions
    • Undergraduate awards and special SOT Annual Meeting activities
    • Travel and poster awards related to SOT Regional Chapter meetings
    • Summer research programs
    • Toxicology-related activities on campuses
    • Review SOT CEd-Tox online courses at no cost
  • Receive SOT publications
    • SOT Annual Meeting information and publications
    • The Communiqué, the SOT newsletter

Go to: Undergraduate Student Affiliate application

SOT Annual Meeting Registration

Undergraduate students may request an SOT Annual Meeting and Tox Expo registration fee waiver by completing a meeting Registration Form and sending it with a copy of their student ID to the attention of Jim Dailey, Meeting Registrar, via email or fax: 703.438.3113.

Sunday Undergraduate Education Program

All undergraduate students registering for the SOT Annual Meeting can sign up (until all spaces are filled) for the Sunday Undergraduate Education Program by checking this option on the registration form. The special day for undergraduates includes introductory toxicology lectures, special sessions to learn more about applying for graduate school and being successful in graduate school, and the opportunity to meet one-on-one with directors of academic toxicology programs and internship hosts. See the SOT Annual Meeting website for program schedule and details.

Program registrants can access the Undergraduate Education Program Materials here.

Perry J. Gehring Student Diversity Travel Awards

Undergraduate and graduate students from racial/ethnic groups who are under-represented in the sciences who were selected for this program in the previous four years and have an abstract accepted for the SOT Annual Meeting can apply for the Perry J. Gehring Travel Award. This award is funded by the SOT Endowment Perry J. Gehring Fund.

Go to Perry J. Gehring Student Diversity Travel Award for application materials.
Abstract Submission Deadline: October 18
Application Deadline: October 18

Pfizer SOT Undergraduate Student Travel Awards

Undergraduate students who have research abstracts selected for the SOT Annual Meeting are eligible for this award which is administered by the Faculty United for Toxicology Undergraduate Recruitment and Education (FUTURE) Committee. Students receive travel and lodging support for the full meeting interval, are recognized at the Awards Ceremony, have a Pfizer mentor, and participate in special activities.

Go to Pfizer SOT Undergraduate Student Travel Awards for application materials.

Abstract Submission Deadline: October 18
Application Deadline: October 18

Previous Recipients
Receiving a Peek into Toxicology: How a Pfizer SOT Undergraduate Travel Award Changed My Career TrajectoryCommuniqué Blog

Undergraduate Diversity Program and Awards

Students and faculty advisors selected for this award by the Committee on Diversity Initiatives receive travel and lodging to attend the three-day Undergraduate Diversity Program at the start of the SOT Annual Meeting. This program includes introductory toxicology lectures, participation in mentoring groups, opportunities to meet with academic program directors and toxicologists from different employment sectors as well as Annual Meeting sessions.

Students enrolled at accredited undergraduate institutions are eligible to apply, with preference for sophomores and juniors and students who are from racial/ethnic groups under-represented in the sciences, first generation, or those attending institutions receiving low amounts of federal funding for biomedical research.

Go to Undergraduate Diversity Awards for application materials.
Application Deadline: October 18

Undergraduate faculty who have a significant role as an advisor or mentor to students from diverse backgrounds, including students who belong to ethnic/racial groups under-represented in the sciences and/or from other underserved populations, may also apply.

Go to Undergraduate Diversity Program Advisor Travel Awards for eligibility criteria and application details.
Application Deadline: October 18

Go to Undergraduate Diversity Program Materials for access to online resources.

Go to Eye on CDI for biographies of previous awardees who have completed training and are now in the biomedical workforce.

For reflections on the impact and history of the program, see blogs written by Jennifer Rayner and Claude McGowan.

Diversity Initiatives Endowment Career Development Award

Undergraduate and graduate students of US accredited institutions from racial/ethnic groups who are under-represented in the sciences are eligible to apply for an activity or event that will enhance their personal career development. Applicant must be an SOT Undergraduate Student Affiliate or Graduate Student Member. Recipients are chosen based on criteria that include quality of proposed experience, relevance to the proposed professional activity to a career involving the science of toxicology, academic achievement, and recommendation by academic advisor. This award is funded by the SOT Endowment Diversity Initiatives Fund.

Go to Diversity Initiatives Endowment Career Development Award for application materials.
2019–2020 Application deadline pending.

Go to Diversity Initiatives Endowment blogs to see past recipients.

Resources for Undergraduates

Webinar: Accepted!—Preparing a Successful Graduate School Admissions Package

This November 2017 webinar is for students who are preparing graduate school applications and for mentors who are assisting students with this important career step. It was sponsored by the Molecular and Systems Biology Specialty Section, Education Committee, Undergraduate Education Subcommittee, and Career Resources and Development Committee.

Link to Recording

  • Predicting Admission to the Ivory Towers: Grades, Scores, and Other Flowers: Overview of the Admissions Process—Aaron Bowman, PhD, Associate Professor in Pediatrics, Neurology, and Biochemistry, and Director of the Training Program in Environmental Toxicology, Vanderbilt University, reviews the graduate admissions process and how admissions committees review applications, invite applicants for interviews, and make decisions on admissions offers. He also discusses GRE scores and grades.
  • Selecting the Best Degree Program for You and Crafting an Impactful Research Statement—Dana Dolinoy, PhD, Associate Chair of Nutritional Sciences and Associate Professor of Environmental Health Sciences & Nutritional Sciences at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, University of Michigan, discusses how to select the best degree program for you and how to craft an impactful research statement.
  • Personal Statements: Where to Start and What to Include—Lauren Aleksunes, PharmD, PhD, Associate Professor and Director of the Joint Graduate Program in Toxicology, Rutgers University, provides insight on how to write a meaningful personal statement that can help your application stand out.