Undergraduate Students

Undergraduates and SOT

For undergraduate students, SOT offers special status as an Undergraduate Student Affiliate, specific activities at the SOT Annual Meeting, and awards, including the Undergraduate Diversity Program Student Travel Award and the SOT Undergraduate Student Research Award. Other resources include career information, internship listings, opportunities to participate in Regional Chapter meetings, and connections to other ways to investigate exciting opportunities in biomedical graduate school and toxicology careers.

Undergraduate Student Affiliates

SOT has established a special category for undergraduate students to participate in the activities of the Society. There is no fee for the affiliate status and undergraduates retain this status until their graduation. Undergraduate Student Affiliate applications are accepted at any time.

To qualify for Undergraduate Student Affiliate status, you must:

  • Be enrolled in an academic program leading to a bachelor’s degree or in the first year of a formal postbaccalaureate research position
  • Have an interest in toxicology or related biomedical sciences
  • Submit the required information that is part of the application

Here is an overview of benefits that you will experience as an SOT Undergraduate Student Affiliate:

  • Distinction among your peers
  • Special status with SOT
  • Participation in the SOT Undergraduate Affiliate ToXchange Community
  • Access to information, such as community discussions, undergraduate awards, undergraduate Annual Meeting activities, summer research programs, toxicology-related activities, and free access to the SOT CEd-Tox online Continuing Education courses
  • Delivery of SOT publications, such as those connected with the Annual Meeting and the SOT Weekly Update delivered every Thursday
Apply to Become an Undergraduate Affiliate
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