SOT Member App

About the App

The SOT Member App allows members to access SOT resources, such as the membership directory, blogs, and more without the need to go through the SOT or ToXchange websites.

The app is connected to your SOT membership profile and the ToXchange online communities, discussions, libraries, and announcements, meaning you can interact with your friends and colleagues more quickly.

Search for "MemberCentric" in Your App Store

  1. Search “MemberCentric” in your app store. Note: searching for “SOT” will only return results for the SOT Event App, NOT the SOT Member App.
  2. Once the app has installed, open it and search “SOT.”
  3. Enter your SOT credentials—the user name and password that you use on the SOT website and ToXchange, and to register for SOT events. This is a one-time process as the app will immediately take you to the SOT content area when you open it in the future.
  4. If you have an Apple device, you also can change the icon that appears on your device by opening the menu tab (the three horizontal lines in the upper right-hand corner of the app), scrolling to the bottom, and selecting “Manage App Icon.”

App Features

With the SOT Member App, you can:

Send direct messages to any SOT member

Read SOT announcements through the Communiqué blog

Receive alerts when a group to which you belong posts an announcement

Respond to discussions and share files with Committees and teams on which you serve

Tutorial Videos

SOT has developed a series of tutorial videos that demonstrate how to use the SOT Member App.

How to Find, Install, and Log In to the App

How to Find and Use the Main App Features

How to Search the SOT Membership Directory and Send Direct Messages

How to Access Your SOT Communities (Committees and Component Groups)