ToxScholar Outreach Grants

The SOT ToxScholar Outreach Grants support toxicologists who make presentations to undergraduates in associate’s and bachelor’s programs to expand the awareness of toxicology and promote careers related to the discipline. A ToxScholar may request up to $500 for travel inside the country in which they live or work. A ToxScholar from one country who travels to a country included in the SOT Global Economy Support Program may request up to $1,250. The proposal can include direct event costs within the budget limits. The ToxScholar candidate selects an appropriate institution and faculty or administration contact to arrange and plan the visit. Alternatively, a campus representative might request a ToxScholar and SOT may assist in matching speakers. Presentations to undergraduates at campuses with toxicology programs are not supported.

ToxScholar Outreach Grant Application
Deadlines: January 15, April 1, and September 1

The Faculty United for Toxicology Undergraduate Recruitment and Education (FUTURE) Committee manages these funds and reviews applications after each deadline. SOT members are eligible for funding; this includes graduate students who have passed their qualifying examinations. Please apply at least six weeks before the anticipated date for the presentation. Direct queries to Betty Eidemiller.

The ToxScholar program supports SOT’s efforts to recruit future toxicologists. Many undergraduates do not have the opportunity to learn about toxicology careers. As an interdisciplinary science, ToxScholars can supplement course content in undergraduate courses including biology, chemistry, environmental science, and public health. ToxScholars can make presentations as part of a career panel, journal club, seminar series, or student club. Presenters may select from the SOT Introduction to Toxicology slide sets and SOT can provide promotional materials. A ToxScholar submits a report and a blog detailing their experiences with the SOT Expense Reimbursement request. These help SOT track the impact of the program and encourage others to conduct ToxScholar visits.

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In addition, we would like information about visits made by SOT members without requests for travel support. Please send a brief paragraph with details of your toxicology career awareness efforts to Betty Eidemiller.