Internship Resources

Research internships are valuable ways for young scientists to gain exposure to toxicology, graduate studies, and opportunities in biomedical sciences. SOT encourages students considering a career in science to seek out research and internship experiences. The Society provides listings of opportunities and also provides matching funding for some intern hosts. SOT encourages researchers to find ways to include undergraduate researchers in their labs and inform SOT so that it can help publicize these positions.

Sponsor an Intern

If your lab or institution offers research internship possibilities, SOT wants to know! Please send all relevant information to SOT Headquarters. The information can be sent at any time, but to make it available to interested students, please submit internships for the next year no later than December 1.

All SOT members are encouraged to take interns under their wings. To help support student internships, SOT provides Internship Program Support through its Awards Program.

Research Internship Opportunities

SOT works to maintain up-to-date lists of available internships, as well as listings of agencies, organizations, and other places that regularly offer internships. These internship opportunities are divided into three categories:

Other Internship Resources

The following sites provide a number of resources for undergraduate students looking to expand their research capabilities or for those wanting to find internship opportunities:

  • Webguru—A website rich with resources for undergraduates doing research, including how to find research positions, how to hone your skills designing and conducting experiments and analyzing and presenting results, how to be part of a lab team, and much additional information.
  • Internships and Summer Research Programs for Undergraduates in the Life Sciences—This listing is from the Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science.