Frequently Asked Questions by Members

Member Profile and Account Information

Use the “Reset Password” link on the login page (button available on top right of every SOT website page) to reset your password.

Visit your “Member Profile” web page to update your contact information or reset your password. Note: You will be asked to log in using your SOT credentials to access your Member Profile. Once on the “Member Profile” web page, select “Edit My Contact Information” to update your information and to access the “reset your password” link.

The SOT Membership Directory is available exclusively in a searchable, online format through the SOT ToXchange website . Access to the Membership Directory is restricted to SOT members. Changes to your contact and other information can be made by visiting your “Member Profile” web page . Please see the SOT Privacy Policy for any questions regarding how SOT collects and uses your personal data.

General Questions

Certain pages are restricted to SOT members. You can log into the website (and ToXchange) by using the login button in the upper right corner of every page. Once logged in, you will have full access to all pages.

In addition, if you are not logged in and attempt to access a restricted page, you will automatically be taken to a login page. After entering your login information, you will automatically redirected to the page you selected.

No, membership must be applied for separately. You can apply for SOT membership at any time, as membership applications are reviewed four times per year. If accepted for membership, you'll be eligible for student awards and other student benefits.

Journal Subscription

Oxford University Press, the official publication partner for Toxicological Sciences, does not issue subscription numbers.

SOT members (depending on membership type) can access the online version of ToxSci by using their SOT login credentials. To log into the ToxSci website for full access, click the sign in button in the upper right corner and then click SOT logo. You will be redirected to the SOT website to enter your login information; once you have entered this information, click the ToxSci graphic that appears and you will be redirected back to the ToxSci website and will be able to access all content.

No, the online version of TAP only is available to those who have a subscription or license agreement with Elsevier, the publisher.

Online access (i.e., an electronic subscription) to ToxSci is including as part of the Full and Associate member dues. A subscription to the printed version of ToxSci is available for an additional fee and can be added to your membership by contacting the SOT membership team.

If your membership already includes a subscription to the print version of ToxSci¸ please confirm that your address is correct in your membership information in the SOT membership database.

If you have additional questions or need further assistance, please reference the SOT Contact Us page to send a message to the Society or to reach a specific staff member.